How to use charcoal starter cubes

Do you know how to use charcoal starter cubes properly? If there is only one way you know about lighting charcoal cubes and it is by making a huge pile right in the grill’s center, and then you soak the cubes with lighter fluid to light them up, you need to upgrade your knowledge about charcoal cubes.

The lighter fluid you use to light the charcoal cubes is harmful. Besides, lighter fluid will also give you foods with nasty flavor. If you are about to invite your close friends for a barbecue, you need to learn the right way to light your charcoal cubes without changing your foods’ flavor.

How To Use Charcoal Starter Cubes with Chimney Starter

Charcoal chimney is the best and truest method you need to try in order to light your charcoal cubes. This was the oldest way to light charcoal cubes long before people started using electric starters. People love using charcoal chimney starters because it is easy to use and will light up your cubes more quickly.

You can light a huge batch of charcoal cubes at one using a chimney starter. The chimney is going to draw the flame naturally towards your charcoal cubes. Then it is going to light the cubes completely in only fifteen minutes. How to use charcoal starter cubes properly?

  • You need to fill the charcoal chimney starter with some charcoal cubes first. Fill the starter with enough cubes all the way to the starter’s top. You can use less charcoal cubes if the foods you are about to cook are not too much.
  • Then set the cubes that are lighter on your charcoal grate before you light them. Now you must set your chimney starter on top of your lighter cubes directly, right on the charcoal grate. Those cubes’ fire is going to start burning your charcoal. Then the flames are going to go upwards.
  • Next, wait for between 10 and 15 minutes before you can pour the charcoal cubes into your grill. One crucial thing to know about how to use charcoal starter cubes is you need to know when your coals are ready so you can place them inside the grill.
  • Your coals will be ready when the cubes on the top start turning a little gray with some ash appearing on them. If you see the sign, it is the best time for you to pour those coals onto your charcoal grate. Then you must arrange them properly before you start cooking.

The Best Charcoal for Your Chimney

Chimney starter isn’t the only tool you can use to light the coconut charcoal cubes. You can also use some other tools like the electrical starters. But no matter what tool you finally choose to light the cubes, you need to find the best charcoal cubes with excellent quality. Where will you find them? You can visit our website or click here to get top quality charcoal cubes. Our products have the best quality since the maximum ash content is just 3%. For more details, explore our site soon as you’re done learning about how to use charcoal starter cubes.