How to light coconut shell charcoal

How to light coconut shell charcoal – Enjoying a variety of meat dishes by sautéing, frying, boiling, or steaming may be commonplace. The taste of processed meat will be more delicious and also interesting when processed by burning or grilling using charcoal. 

There are at least several types of processed meat that are grilled, ranging from barbecue (BBQ) to Typical Indonesian dishes such as satay. Before cooking with charcoal, you at least need to know in advance. How to light coconut shell charcoal so that the cooking results can be perfect.

4 Way How to light coconut shell charcoal

Using a Stove Fire

To light the coconut shell charcoal, utilizing an ordinary match may take some time. Well, an easier alternative is to take advantage of the fire from the stove at home. You can try to turn on the stove first, then use tongs (don’t forget to wear a heat-resistant cloth or gloves) to take charcoal and burn it on the stove fire. If coals have begun to appear, you can put the burnt charcoal on the grill. Mix the charcoal with other charcoals while peeling. So that you can heat the other charcoals that have just been added.

Using Newsprint/Wipes

Another way to light coconut shell charcoal is to use newsprint or dry wipes. Previously, lay out the charcoal on the grill in advance. Then, light the fire and burn the newsprint or tissue, placing it on the charcoal briquettes that have been arranged earlier. Let newsprint or tissue burn your briquette charcoal. If the paper has burned out and the charcoal is burned, you can fan it to channel the fire to the other charcoal.

Using Cooking Oi

If the previous method is still difficult, you can add vegetable oil or used cooking oil to the charcoal or tissues you want to burn. Moisten the tissue with used cooking oil, then sear the tissue and place it on the grill that has charcoal. The fans until the charcoal turns on. After that you can sear the satay or various other dishes on charcoal.

Using Torch

Torch is a flamethrower whose shape at first glance resembles a welding tool. Torches are usually mounted on butane gas cylinders to make it easier to burn food or caramelize over a drink. In addition to these uses, you can also use the torch to light the briquette charcoal. 

The constant heat from the torch can make the charcoal briquettes smolder quickly. How to light a coconut shell charcoal with a torch is not too difficult. You just have to light the torch, then direct the fire to the charcoal that has been arranged in the grill. Even charcoal will undoubtedly light up.


Pretty easy isn’t it? Make sure you buy coconut shell charcoal which is of good quality or does not contain other additives. By buying a quality coconut shell charcoal, the grill will taste more delicious and not harm your health.

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