natural charcoal

You might imagine activated natural charcoal as charcoal that is usually used for grilling. Activated charcoal is used for different purposes, after all.

Natural Food Coloring

If you love to experiment in the kitchen, you can find a great benefit of activated natural coconut shell charcoal. You can simply sprinkle the activated charcoal powder on your favorite dessert to bring your baked goods to the next level. Your dishes can look more dramatic and mysterious by using activated charcoal. Your glazes can be more attractive and your cocktails will be more exciting by adding activated charcoal. You can even use it for tinting your pasta, noodles, or rice. You can be creative on how to use activated charcoal shell charcoal in the kitchen.

Teeth Health Support

You can also find great benefits of activated natural coconut shell charcoal for reducing plaque and removing surface stains from your tooth enamel. It simply do it by dipping a wet toothbrush into the activated charcoal powder. You can use it to brush your teeth for about one or two minutes twice a day. After rinsing your mouth, you still need to brush your teeth using your normal toothpaste to remove the remaining charcoal powder.

You can also feel free to mix the activated charcoal into your daily toothpaste. It can help you whiten your teeth naturally. It can be considered safe because no harmful chemicals are involved in whitening your teeth. You can give it a try if you want to have a brighter smile.

Digestive Health

If you have digestive problems, activated natural charcoal can be a natural remedy for your problems. You can use it for relieving gas and uncomfortable bloating. At the same time, the charcoal will also eliminate the ballooning feeling gently.

You can also find help from activated charcoal if you have post-meal discomfort in your stomach. You only need to combine a gram of charcoal powder and water or your favorite juice. The mixture can be consumed 30 minutes before eating and repeated after your meal. You will not find it troublesome to consume activated charcoal because it does not have smell, taste, or even aftertaste. More importantly, it is safe for humans and animals.

Skin Treatment

Activate charcoal can also be great for skin treatment because of its deep cleansing effect. It can penetrate deep into your skin pores to absorb toxins and remove impurities from the surface of your skin. It can also be great to fight against blackheads and inflamed pimples because it can regulate the sebaceous glands. You can make homemade hair and face masks from activated charcoal, after all. 

Body Cleansing

Activated charcoal can also be great for a body detox. For this purpose, you can mix a teaspoon of activated charcoal powder and a glass of water. The charcoal water should be consumed three times a day after your meals. Do not forget to keep your body hydrated by drinking clean drinking water regularly.

Activated natural charcoal can also be a great help to lower your cholesterol levels. It can also help to improve your kidney function and diarrhea.

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