coconut briquettes buy

Coconut briquettes buy tips are crucial because there are so many products out there. Knowing the tips guide you to get the best coconut briquettes just like what you need. Here, we have some tricks to measure whether a coconut briquette is good or not. 

Check the Carbon Content

Carbon content in briquettes is different in each material. For example, the carbon content in hardwood briquettes is high compared to other briquettes, including coconut shell briquettes. The carbon content in coconut shell briquettes is low. Using briquettes with a high carbon content is not only dangerous for the environment but also your health. The more you breathe carbon dioxide, the more dangerous it is for your lungs. That’s why you feel congested and difficult to breathe when grilling using briquettes with high carbon dioxide content. 

Check the Moisture Content 

The next thing you should check before buying briquettes is the moisture content. It is crucial to understand the coconut briquettes buy tip if you want to grill longer. Briquettes can absorb moisture from the air during the stacking process. The higher the moisture content in briquettes, the more difficult it is to burn them. At the same time, the burning time of briquettes with high moisture content is also faster. How about coconut shell briquettes? The good news is that coconut shell briquettes have low moisture content. The maximum moisture content of this product is only 6 percent. Some manufacturers allow you to request moisture. 

Check The Calorific Value

Calorific value means the energy released by the briquettes per kilogram. This value affects the burning time and leftover material or ash. In the case of coconut shell briquettes, the calorific value is up to 7.500 kcal/kg. You can also request the calorific value for a specific purpose.      

Check the Ash Content 

Indeed, you should also check the ash content specific to briquette production. The level of ash determines the use and economic value of the briquette. In general, the standard ash content of a briquette is only 1 to 4 percent. It will be better to find a briquette with a low level of ash content. It is also a good coconut briquettes buy trick you should consider if you want to cook longer. In this case, coconut shell briquettes have up to 3 percent of ash content. You can even request the ash content and let the manufacturer set the combination. Coconut shell briquettes are good for grilling because it is not easy to fall off when burning and producing low temperatures. You can grill the ingredients slowly to get the best taste and aroma. 

Check the Volatile Content 

The level of volatile content depends on the temperature of the machine during the making process. Manufacturers can set high, medium, and low temperatures while processing briquettes to get different volatile content. In high temperatures, the volatile content of a briquette is around 12 to 20 percent. 

The point of these coconut briquettes buy is that you should know its specification first. It includes the moisture, ash content, calorific value, heat content, and minimum burn time. Check also the glowing time, cube size, and packaging size if it is necessary. 

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