Coconut charcoal might not be the main product of coconut because coconut is commonly used for its fruit to make oil or coconut milk. The shell becomes the by-product of coconut but it can be a valuable product that becomes a strong alternative to regular charcoal. If you are still using regular charcoal, you might want to consider using coconut charcoal in Sri Lanka for various purposes. What are the uses of coconut shell charcoal? If you think that it can only be used for cooking, it is surprising that coconut charcoal has other uses that can be out of your mind.

1. Fuel Alternative

The most common use of coconut charcoal is for fuel alternatives for residential and commercial purposes. People use coconut charcoal as a substitute for firewood and fossil fuels, such as kerosene. Coconut charcoal also becomes a fuel source for metal works, including for melting silver and gold. People in the Middle East use coconut charcoal to smoke shisha and burn fragrance at home. Meanwhile, many Americans and Europeans also use coconut charcoal for heating spas for beauty treatment and stoves for cooking.

2. Food Industry

Coconut charcoal is also popular in the food industry because of its food-grade and fast-burning properties. That is why coconut charcoal becomes a superior alternative to regular charcoal for barbecues. The food industry loves coconut charcoal because of its pleasant aroma that comes out when cooking barbecues and traditional food.

3. Teeth Whitener

You might not imagine that coconut charcoal appears in black. So it sounds impossible that it can be used to whiten teeth. Yet, it becomes another use of coconut charcoal in Sri Lanka that you can enjoy. Charcoal has a long history as a tooth and oral health remedy. Coconut shell charcoal can be an amazing natural teeth whitener and it is also used for other hygiene products, such as charcoal soap due to its whitening properties.

4. Animal Feed

If you do not think that coconut charcoal can be a great whitening agent, you might think that using coconut charcoal for animal feed is delusional. However, many farmers use it to feed poultry, pigs, and cattle. According to some studies, feeding cows with coconut charcoal can make them produce more milk. When poultry and pigs are fed with coconut charcoal, they can improve their overall health and increase their weight. It means that better meat production can be encouraged with coconut charcoal feeding.

5. Refining Agent

In the industry, coconut shell charcoal also plays crucial roles in decolorizing and deodorizing. What industries use coconut shell charcoal as a decolorizer and deodorizer? The air conditioning industry, water purification plants, and cosmetic industry are using coconut charcoal for deodorizing and decolorizing because of its non-toxic and odorless characteristic qualities.

With various kinds of uses of coconut shell charcoal, there is no doubt that this product becomes increasingly popular as a regular charcoal alternative. Among several producers, coconut charcoal in Sri Lanka becomes one of the best coconut shell charcoal products that can be used for delivering the most uses to customers.

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