Finding shisha charcoal Australia is challenging. It is because there are so many shisha charcoal brands in the market. As a beginner shisha smoker, you should learn the way to choose the best charcoal for enjoying shisha. Remember! The way you choose shisha charcoal determines the sensation you get while smoking.

25 mm Cube Charcoal

Try to use 25 mm cube charcoal when smoking shisha in Australia. The size of this charcoal is large enough and it is perfect for a large shisha bowl. You can consider this product if you love longer shisha smoking sessions, along with higher heat levels. Those who love to smoke fruity shisha heads can also burn 25 mm cube charcoal. The charcoal will stay hot throughout the smoking session. It will be great if choosing a coconut charcoal cube. This product has a good heat level, yet it has minimal ash residue. Best of all, it is odorless and tasteless. As a result, you can feel the purity, odor, and flavor of the tobacco.

shisha charcoal Australia

Flat Charcoal

Cube charcoal is not the only option for smoking shisha but also flat charcoal. The reason why advanced shisha smokers choose to burn flat charcoal is that it often produces little ash. The burning time is also relatively longer, up to 90 minutes. The package is also economical, so flat charcoal is also perfect for Australians who love to travel while bringing shisha. It is so great to smoke shisha with friends or other family members.

Circle Charcoal

Circle charcoal is another great alternative if you are looking for the most suitable shisha charcoal Australia. The size also fits enough in the shisha bowl. You only have to put at least 3 circle charcoal in the shisha bowl and burn them. You are ready to smoke shisha in only a few minutes. Indeed, it is also an economical way to smoke shisha since you only need less charcoal. You can even decide to put the 3 charcoal at once or not. It depends on the sensation you want to get. This product is perfect for shisha with a large or even extra-large bowl.

Charcoal with Less Ash Residue

Ensure that the charcoal produces little ash residue no matter the charcoal shape you choose. The ideal charcoal ash level is less than 2 percent. The lesser residue after smoking shisha, the better. It means that you can clean the shisha right away. At the same time, you don’t produce a lot of pollutants.

Natural Charcoal

Natural charcoal means that the product is made of 100 percent natural ingredients. Coconut charcoal is one of them. Coconut charcoal is made of dried coconut husks. This charcoal has better characteristics, including stable heat level, longer burning time, it doesn’t contain harmful chemical ingredients and many more. 

So, try to find shisha charcoal Australia based on the criteria above. It leads you to the most pleasant smoking shisha sensation. You can even feel comfortable during the shisha preparation. The charcoal is fit enough in the bowl and easy to burn. Then, you can enjoy the tobacco without being interrupted by any other smells and tastes. 

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