6 Benefits of Natural Charcoal for Shisha

6 Benefits of Natural Charcoal for ShishaA good shisha experience is only possible with the right charcoal. Indeed, charcoal are that important. There are two types of charcoal for hookah: natural and quick light. In this article, we tell you various benefits that you will get if you use natural charcoal for shisha.

  1. No Chemical Additives

Natural charcoal don’t contain chemical additives, hence the name. They are 100% natural. While this gives you peace of mind knowing you don’t smoke using charcoal with chemical additives, this can be a downside.

  1. They Offer Value for Their Price

In general, natural charcoal are more affordable than their quick light counterparts. Not only are they more affordable, but they also offer value for their price. Whether you are just starting your shisha journey or currently on a budget, you will always have options.

You can get natural charcoal for as low as USD 7 to as expensive as USD 18 and more. There are many in-between, too.

To give an insight, the price of one kilogram of regular-sized coconut charcoal cubes is somewhere between USD 10 and USD 15. If you use two pieces of coals per session, a box of charcoal will get you 36 single-round sessions. That’s plenty.

  1. With Natural Charcoal for Shisha, You Can Have a Longer Shisha Session

Quick light charcoal contain chemical additives like accelerants. Accelerants are substances that enable quick light charcoal to light very fast. Since natural charcoal don’t contain these, they take a longer time to light.

On the flip side, the lack of accelerants allows natural charcoal for shisha to burn much longer. Natural charcoal can burn for 45 to 60 minutes. In comparison, quick light charcoal can only burn for 20 to 30 minutes.

  1. Natural Charcoal for Hookah Are Odorless and Won’t Affect Taste

Quick light charcoals tend to produce a bad smell and have a side taste when used for shisha. The good news is, these won’t occur when you use natural charcoal.

Natural charcoal, especially the high-quality ones, are odorless. They also won’t affect the taste. So, rest assured. You can enjoy your shisha sessions to the fullest without having to worry about a bad smell or an unwanted taste.

  1. You Can Have Different Shisha Experiences

Coconut charcoal come in various sizes and shapes. These allow for versatility and different shisha experiences. 

If you want longer shisha sessions, your best options are cube charcoal as they are the most stable and burn slowly. 

Similarly, if you want shorter sessions, flat charcoal are the best option as they burn faster.

  1. They Produce Less Ash

All charcoal produce ash. The issue lies in how much the ash is. The less ash charcoal leave, the better. With a little amount of ash, cleaning up will be easy. And here is another aspect where natural charcoal excel.

Natural charcoal not only burn much slower than quick light ones, but they also burn better. They produce a little amount of ash, unlike their quick light counterparts. 

These are the benefits of using natural charcoal for shisha. They make the best natural charcoal from coconut. Need high-quality coconut charcoal for your shisha sessions? Check out our coconut charcoal product here WhatsApp +628-1212-333-590 (Maria) or buy it at Indonesiacoconutcharcoal.net