coco briquette

Finding the best charcoal briquette for hookah should consider these factors, from the charcoal hardness to the ash characteristics. The best coco briquette used for hookah can deliver the best hookah smoking experience you want. 


Hardness matters when you are looking for the best charcoal briquette for hookah. You need hard enough coconut charcoal briquette because you do not want to find it broken when you need to hold it with a tong or do de-ashing.

To make sure that the coconut charcoal briquette is hard enough, you can try this simple trampling test. First, you need to put the charcoal on a hard surface. You can press it slowly with your heel. The charcoal briquette should not crumble under this test for being a great choice for hookah or shisha.


Next, you also need to make sure that the charcoal briquette for hookah is heavy and higher in density. Coconut charcoal briquette becomes the best choice because it comes with higher density and weight than other charcoal types. It should sink in the water because it is heavier than water with more than 1.3 specific gravity.

Ignition Time

Ignition time is another important factor you have to consider to find the best charcoal briquette for hookah. The size of charcoal might be different but initial ignition should consume about 7-10 minutes over the electric coil or gas stove. When the coco briquette is ready to use, a thin ash layer will be covering all surfaces of the charcoal. 


A hookah session will never be so fast. That is why you need to find charcoal that can last long. It should last more than one hour, but the length will depend on the size of the charcoal. Charcoal with bigger sizes will last longer than smaller ones.

Burned Charcoal Characteristics

The charcoal for hookah must have stable and persistent heat when burned. The temperature on the surface should be around 320ºC, while the temperature in the middle should be around 350ºC. The temperature and flame should be kept stable for about 40-45 minutes before the charcoal can be replaced with the new one.

Ash Characteristics

Ash might be just the residue of burning charcoal. Nevertheless, it is an important element that cannot be ignored when people are smoking hookah. Many smokers prefer charcoal with white ash color. Nevertheless, the soil chemistry where the coconut trees grow plays an important role to determine the ash color. The soil with high calcium content will deliver charcoal with white ash color. The ash color will be brownish if the soil has high potassium content.

It might not have any impact on the hookah smoking experience. People cannot say that the white ash color is better than the brownish one since charcoal can be added with limestone during the production process to create white ash color.

It is more important to pay attention to the ash production amount to determine high-quality coco briquette. The ash must be less than 6% to make sure that the charcoal comes of good quality.

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