Some beginner Hookah smokers get confused about choosing the right charcoal. Hookah charcoal coconut is one of the best options for hookah. So, is it true that coconut charcoal is great for hookah? Check the reasons below to ensure that this product is the best material for hookah.

No Bad Odor and Tasteless

The reason why you should use coconut charcoal is because it is odorless and tasteless. It means that you will only smell and taste the tobacco variety. You will get an optimum sensation while smoking Hookah by using this charcoal. Imagine if you taste and smell another material while smoking. It will interrupt your comfort, especially if you don’t like it.

Is Coconut Charcoal Better

Coconut Charcoal is Easy to Burn

Coconut charcoal ignition time is also fast. It means that this product is easy to burn. The faster the ignition time, the faster you can enjoy the hookah. High-quality coconut charcoal is ready to use in only 10 minutes.

Coconut Charcoal Has Long Burning Time

Hookah charcoal coconut is not only easy to but it also has a long burning time. The burning time depends on the quality of the coconut charcoal. Overall, the burning time is around 1 hour to 2 hours or even longer. In this case, you can enjoy hookah longer without adding the charcoal again. It is more comfortable. Once again, you get a maximum smoking sensation.

Low Cost and Economical

Coconut charcoal is considered an economical product. It is strongly related to the long burning time. The longer the burning time, the less coconut charcoal you use for a hookah smoking session. Plus, the cost of this product is affordable. 

The Ash Level is Limited

Some hookah smokers also consider the ash level. They often want to use charcoal with a little ash. The more limited the ash during the smoking, the more comfortable the hookah smoking. You don’t have to deal with the dirt and stop the pleasant time. It also means that the dirt is easy to remove and clean from the hookah. Plus, you are not creating a lot of pollutants when smoking hookah.

Small Enough in Hookah Plate

The coconut charcoal size is also small enough. You can easily put them in the Hookah plate and burn it right away. Imagine if you are using big-size charcoal. You should crush them into small pieces first before putting them on the hookah plate.

Environmentally Friendly

According to the expert, coconut charcoal is one of the most environmentally friendly products. It is because coconut charcoal is made from the husks of coconuts. Charcoal companies often take raw materials from small farmers. Small farmers harvest the coconut husks using traditional methods. The methods do not hurt the coconut trees. Then, they dry the husks and send them to the companies. The companies will process the dry husks to become coconut charcoal.

Now, you know why some hookah smokers prefer to use coconut charcoal instead of other charcoal. Hookah charcoal coconut can be a good alternative if you don’t find the right charcoal yet. Then, enjoy the maximum hookah smoking sensation and all benefits of using coconut charcoal.  

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