activated coconut charcoal

The activated coconut charcoal is maybe a familiar material or product for many people. This item has so many functions for human’s life and also industries. Activated carbon itself is a filtration media that is commonly applied as the water treatment industry and household needs. Basically, it has some typical characteristic such as the high absorbent ability. 

That ability makes this material is effective to absorb many contaminants on water. Those are like VOC (volatile organic compound), ammonia, and other bad substances. Activated carbon is produced from many materials and one of them is the coconut shell. Here is the further production steps and also the functions for our life. 

How the Activated Coconut Charcoal Is Made

The key to make this activated coconut charcoal is on the activation process that is used. It may be through the steam or chemical reactions. Besides that, some other factors must be considered as well. 

These are the temperatures, duration, pressure, general condition, and operation situation. The active carbon is gotten from the coconut shells through a physical or chemical activation. The final products have the micro pores and can absorb the organic pollutants effectively. All the vegetable activated active carbon or mineral contain salt and inorganic elements. 

Some of them can dissolve in water. To make this activated coconut charcoal, the coconut shells will be heated up to more than 1000 degrees Celsius with no oxygen at all. Activated means that this material has 100% adsorption ability and the maximum porosity at the same time. This process makes the product perfect and contains so many benefits. 

The Functions for Our Life

Due to the whole process above and materials used, the activated coconut charcoal can be functioned into some different things. Here are some of those functions:

  1. Effective filtration method

It is because this material has a high micro-pores density. It can absorb large amounts of contaminants from water and purify it for better use. Industries now rely on alternative carbon sources for their water purification needs. That is why; maybe you want to use this solution at home too. 

  1. Make water is purer

If you allot the activated coconut charcoal for a filtration system, the final result (water) will be purer. That is why, this material is commonly used in the clean water management Industry. It is included the drinking water industry. The cause is that most of the pores structures consist of the micro ones where the amount is more than 80%. That is why, it can absorb any dirt that have the micro-pore molecule structure in the water. This item makes the water is purer without change it’s taste. 

  1. Purify the Gold 

In addition, due to its high abrasion resistance and outstanding chemical and physical characteristics, only the activated coconut charcoal can support applications for the precious metals. The examples are recovery of gold and other precious metals. It can be applied as the catalyst support and as the medical use as well. It is for sure that you should know the right procesional. In the marker, this product is sold in several different forms. Those are in the common charcoal shape, briquettes, or even in powder activated coconut charcoal.

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