What is Shisha Charcoal?

Actually, What is Shisha Charcoal? Using shisha in Indonesia is actually not something foreign. This makes the question about hookah may not be difficult anymore to answer. Shisha is actually the same as smoking, only not smoking tobacco directly.

But, the activity of smoking shisha uses a special tool. In addition, the smell of shisha smoke is also more fragrant like the smell of fruit. It is for this reason that many people are turning to shisha instead of regular smoking.

What is Shisha Charcoal?

It familiarly known Shisha or who as sheesha, hookah, hubbly-hubbly or others is a smoking activity that originated from India. It is just that shisha activities are more popular in the Middle East, Turkey, parts of Asia and Africa. 

When smoking shisha, of course you need charcoal. This is a special charcoal for smoking shisha and divided into two categories, namely natural shisha charcoal and quick-light hookah charcoal. 

  1. Natural Shisha Charcoal 

This type of natural charcoal from natural ingredients and does not contain a lot of chemical additives at all. Because, we fear it will damage human health. But, this charcoal is difficult to ignite.

  1. Quick-Light Hookah Charcoal 

The raw material for charcoal contains more chemical products, so we fear that it could causes health problems if used improperly or excessively. However, because it contains so many binders, it is easy to ignite. The price is also cheaper than natural hookah charcoal. 

Various Forms of Charcoal 

Currently, there are so many forms of charcoal briquettes on the market. You can choose for yourself which shisha or hookah charcoal you want to buy. Make sure before buying it, you already know in advance what is the difference between each form. 

  1. Cube-Form Charcoal 

Cube-form Charcoal like this is certainly easy to find. However, the price is a little more expensive compared to other forms. Usually this charcoal is from with a size of 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm. This is the charcoal that is often use smoke hookah. 

  1. Hexagonal-Form Charcoal 

Next, hexagonal-form charcoal. We made this type of charcoal in quite variable lengths when compared to cube-form charcoal. They form this charcoal with a size 5 until 10 cm. It can actually change according to the order. 

  1. Pillow-Form Charcoal 

Then, there is pillow-form charcoal. Sounds so unique, right? Actually, this charcoal is usually use for small-scale need only. Because, this charcoal can make heat last longer than another forms of charcoal. Maybe you should use this charcoal to burn BBQ instead of hookah. 

  1. Tablet-Form Charcoal 

Last, tablet charcoal. Pressing make this charcoal. This product is actually present to meet consumer needs. However, this charcoal is also rarely use for shisha. In fact, we use this charcoal more for furnace fuel. 

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