Coconut charcoal bbq

Coconut charcoal BBQ – There are many events that use coconut charcoal bbq that you may often see, both at gatherings, and in various restaurants. Barbeque or BBQ is a term used with significant regional and national variations to describe various cooking or grilling methods that use fire and charcoal to cook food.

Events that use coconut charcoal bbq are fun because you can bake the type of food you want while gathering with friends, family and relatives. Usually, many BBQ events are carried out at night so that an atmosphere of familiarity is created with each other.

Advantages of using Coconut Charcoal BBQ for Various Events

The method of how to bake BBQ today uses charcoal because this method of baking is what we are prevalent in seeing today. There is a lot of charcoal that can be used, but not all of them have good grilling quality. So that they can produce an even grill fire.

Well, if you often hold BBQ events, of course you know what charcoal to use. So that the grill can quickly cook with an even burn. Yes, coconut briquette charcoal which has advantages in baking is a burning tool that is widely used today. At least this coconut shell charcoal is environmentally friendly. Does not emit much smoke and the main thing is to produce an even combustion and is durable in the combustion process.

Coconut charcoal briquettes for BBQ are commonly referred to by the name of BBQ BRIQUETTES. Where this charcoal is produced from processed shells or coconut shells that are shaped in such a way. BBQ Briquettes is even a superior product that is widely used in large restaurants as an ingredient in charcoal for baking, cooking and others. Even BBQ Briquettes products from Indonesia have been widely exported to various countries. Especially to South Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China.

what are the types of charcoal that can be used besides Coconut charcoal bbq?

  • Wood Charcoal

It comes from wood so that it looks like a chunk. Wood charcoal is now a bit difficult to find and the sellers have also been reduced a lot. 

The advantages: it is relatively easier to ignite and the price is very affordable, cheaper than shell charcoal.

The drawback: the ash is so much that if it continues to be fanned. It can fly and soil the baked goods. In addition, the flames are also extinguished faster and there is a lot of smoke.

  • Coal Charcoal

Derived from coal. The shape is quite diverse, depending on the mold used. Coal charcoal is easy to find in urban areas because it is a modern type of charcoal.

The pros: It’s not smoky, it’s hotter, and it’s more heat-lasting. The appearance is also more cool, there will be no ash crumbs / dirt that will contaminate the burning area.

Disadvantages: It’s just quite expensive on the market.


Thus and thank you for reading this article regarding advantages of using Coconut Charcoal BBQ for Various Events.  So choose the right charcoal for our BBQ event at home at the turn of the year.

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