are coconut briquettes good

Some people ask are coconut briquettes good or not compared to other briquettes. Indeed, this briquettes are good. You are about to use a biomass material to create heat. The explanation below helps to answer if it is good and ensure you use this product for grilling and other.  

Coconut Briquettes are More Eco-Friendly Than Other Options 

The first reason why coconut briquettes are good is because of their eco-friendly material. This product doesn’t produce carbon dioxide as much as other regular charcoal briquettes when burned. Manufacturers also don’t need to cut a tree only to produce it. They only use coconut shells which are waste. 

Long-Lasting Product 

Are coconut briquettes good? You can answer it by showing the burning time. Imagine that you can burn up to two and a half times longer when using coconut shell briquettes compared to lump charcoal or briquettes. It means that you can use fewer coconut shell briquettes for grilling. For example, you often use up to 2500 kgs of lump charcoal for grilling, but after using it, you only need to use 1000 kgs. Plus, you get slower and steadier burn when grilling using it.

It Keeps the Quality of the Ingredients 

Sometimes, the ingredients you grill change, whether its color, smell, or even taste because of the briquettes you choose. The result is different when using it. Are this briquettes good for the quality of the ingredients? Yes, it is! This product releases heat at about 7000 kilocalories. It means the heat is consistent and improves the quality of the grilled ingredients. As a result, you can enjoy a more delicious grilled menu without being interrupted by the bad odor and bitter taste. 

Safer Material for Grilling 

Are coconut briquettes good for beginner people who are about to grill ingredients for the first time? Indeed, this product is good for beginner people who want to grill. The material makes this product flameless and it doesn’t contain chemical additives. Besides being odorless, smokeless, and sparkless, it contain less ash than regular briquettes. That’s why it is safe to use even if you are about to use them for the first time.  

You Can Use Coconut Shell Briquettes for A Variety of Cooking Methods 

Are coconut briquettes a good direct cooking method? Yes, this product is good for direct cooking methods. You can even use it for other cooking methods, including in-direct, low, and slow. This product is a more flexible option to serve a variety of grilled menus at home.

The explanation above answers a question, are coconut briquettes good? As a result, you don’t need to get confused anymore about whether you should use coconut shell briquettes or not. Indeed, it is a good alternative for those who love to grill something at home. At least, you can explain if your friends ask, is it good for cooking? Make them surprised by serving food that is cooked in it. They will try to grill using this product when tasting the food.

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