Organic charcoal briquettes

Organic charcoal briquettes can be an alternative fuel that has many advantages if you make good use of it. Some of the advantages of using this briquette are that it is economical and economical, safe and environmentally friendly.

Organic charcoal briquettes are also flammable, durable, and produce high thermal energy, so when compared to other fuels Organic charcoal briquettes are cheaper. Charcoal itself has long been used by many people for daily needs. Perhaps charcoal is use for cooking purposes. In addition, charcoal can also be used for several other activities, such as gardening and various other activities that will be explained below.

Some Benefits for Plants

As a Soil Conditioner

The first benefit is for soil conditioners. Charcoal can serve as a good soil conditioner. Taken for its high potassium content, you can use charcoal to replace lime in soil additive mixtures. Moreover, you can also use it to wrap organic insecticides or weeds, as it can help beautify the mulch and bring it to the maximum pH, especially for roses.

Container Filler

Next fill the container or pot. If you fill the pot by using stones at the bottom, you can replace it with Organic charcoal briquettes. Organic charcoal briquettes are the right choice because they weigh less than gravel and stone. That is why, a pot filled with charcoal will make it lighter and easier to move

As an Additive to the Soil

Third as an additive to the soil. There is a reason why the soil mixture present in the store contains charcoal. When in a pot of soil, charcoal can absorb the smell of compost and dirt by keeping the nutritional integrity of the mixture intact. You can add charcoal pellets to the potting mixture if the scent is too much.

Herbicide neutralizer

The fourth benefit of charcoal is to neutralize the Hebrides. Herbicide compounds have a sufficiently long holding time in the soil.  This leads to an unfavorable growth environment for your Plants. When you want to use areas can be affected by the herbicides Isoxaben or Oryzalin, add a little hardwood charcoal to the soil before carrying out planting. It will have the purpose of diluting the herbicide and preventing problems with growth for optimal development of the crop.

Process of making organic waste briquettes:

  1. Prepare a collider like a mortar, then the available charcoal is ground until smooth until it becomes charcoal powder. If so then collect the charcoal powder somewhere like a bucket.
  2. Prepare starch glue and dilute it using hot water. Mix the starch with charcoal powder to make it a sticky dough. If so, you can stir the dough so that it mixes well and becomes a slightly sticky dough.
  3. Prepare briquette molds, molds can use PVC pipes, bamboo or by clenching the dough by hand.
  4. Then mold the dough by putting it in a solid mold.
  5. Dry the briquettes through the sun to dry.
  6. The briquettes are ready to use.

That’s above the explanation of how to make charcoal briquettes, and the benefits organic charcoal briquettes. Hopefully, this article can be useful for readers, charcoal entrepreneurs, and charcoal users for daily needs.

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