Coconut charcoal bbq

Charcoal is an essential component to prepare before starting a BBQ party. Don’t select it randomly because it has some types of charcoal being the fuel. The people can select coconut charcoal bbq for their big party. Every type of charcoal has its different benefits. What makes it better than the other charcoal type? Let’s find it out. 

What Is Coconut Charcoal BBQ? 

You may get curious about coconut charcoal. What is coconut charcoal? You often use it for a BBQ party. It is made of coconut shells to process into briquettes or just charcoal. The type of coconut charcoal is often found easily in the market at an affordable price. It has some benefits to using this charcoal. It will not make your food scorched. This charcoal has a good quality because the fire is long-lasting and stable. The charcoal also doesn’t produce more smoke. If you use it for grilling, it is perfect charcoal because it makes the food tasty. However, this coconut charcoal is difficult to ignite. Making the flame on the coconut charcoal is sometimes difficult. To make the fire long-lasting, you need to use the right tricks. 

The Benefits

Coconut charcoal BBQ is the right fuel for your BBQ party. It is recommended because it has excellent quality. Finding high-quality charcoal can increase your grilling activity significantly. If you want to prevent much smoke and reduce carbon, you have to use coconut charcoal. These are some benefits of using this charcoal type. 

1. Eco-Friendly 

Grilling with charcoal has a huge disadvantage. It affects the surrounding environment. Charcoal can produce tons of carbon dioxide in the air when you burn it. It will contribute to the weather and climate change. However, it is different from the use of coconut charcoal. It is the only eco-friendly charcoal because it doesn’t require one tree to change into charcoal. This is made of coconut shells, the waste of coconut tree parts. It saves the use of trees and reduces glass home emissions significantly to the environment. 

2. Durable 

The next reason for using coconut charcoal for BBQ parties is durability. Coconut charcoal can burn for twice longer as common charcoal. You only use 2.5 kilograms of coconut charcoal fewer than common charcoal requiring 10 kilograms. It burns at the same time. The slow flame process is saving your budget because the fire ignites longer. 

3. Making Your Food Tasty 

A calorie value describes the heat total released from the energy source. Thus, it is famous for its calorie value. Coconut charcoal provides the release of heat consistently about 7.000-kilo calories. The consistency makes you have a good grilling experience. It will make your food delicious. The food is cooked evenly. 

4. Odorless and No Smoke 

Coconut charcoal BBQ is odourless and has no smoke. It will have a good effect on your grilling. The smoke doesn’t disturb you during grilling. Then, it doesn’t change the taste of barbecue. It is the perfect choice for your BBQ party. 

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