Buy Charcoal for Shisha  

Buy Charcoal for Shisha – Not a few people ask about where to buy charcoal for shisha. Of course, you should not be careless in choosing charcoal for shisha. Be smart in choosing charcoal so that later it will not interfere with your smoking activities. 

Shisha charcoal has various forms. So, you should be able to choose which one best suits your needs. You should buy shisha charcoal only in trusted places. In a place like this, of course the product will never let you down. 

Various Forms of Shisha Charcoal 

To meet your needs for smoking, shisha charcoal is made in various forms. You can buy various forms of shisha charcoal in a trusted place. After knowing what kind of charcoal criteria you need, then you can directly buy charcoal for shisha

  1. Cubes 

This is the most common form of charcoal for shisha. This charcoal form has six flat sides that are the same as dice. This is what makes this charcoal so stable when burned. Make sure you spin this charcoal throughout the session so you can get the best results. 

  1. Flats 

At first glance the form of this charcoal for shisha is similar to a cube. It’s just that the form of this charcoal tends to be like a flat blade. This charcoal doesn’t burn for long so it is great for short shisha sessions. This type of charcoal works great with foil. 

  1. Cubettes 

Actually, this is a variation of the charcoal cube. The form is a combination of cube and flat charcoal. However, this form of charcoal tends to be flat. Thus, the use of this charcoal cannot be as long as the use of a charcoal cube. 

  1. Fingers / Sticks (Round) 

Apart from cubes, the other most common forms of charcoal are fingers or sticks. This form of charcoal causes less heat spikes when compared to cubes. You can also choose charcoal with a form like this for shisha. 

  1. Cuboid  

You can buy charcoal for shisha like this at a trusted place. This charcoal has a rectangular stick form. Unfortunately this makes cuboid charcoaal less flexible. In addition, this charcoal is also susceptible to heat surges. So, you need to be a little careful when using this charcoal. 

  1. Disc /  Circle  

The next form of charcoal for shisha is disc / circle. Maybe you should be a little careful in choosing this charcoal. Make sure you have chosen disc / circle charcoal which is 100% made from natural materials. Avoid choosing charcoal like this with added chemical additives. 

  1. Quarter Circle  

It well designed this type of charcoal for maximum heat management system. It is just that because of this, this charcoal easily loses it’s shape when burned. This makes the charcoal quite difficult to adjust using tongs. 

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