Charcoal for Shisha Price: Natural and Quick Lighting Charcoal

Charcoal for Shisha Price: Natural and Quick Lighting Charcoal – There are two things that can make or break a shisha experience: tobacco and charcoal. Because of how important they are, it is a good idea to learn one thing or two about them. In this article, we will talk about charcoal for shisha price. But before we get there, let’s talk about the two types of charcoal first.

Natural Charcoal

Natural charcoal are charcoal made of natural materials without chemicals additives. Because they don’t contain accelerants, it takes a while to light them. Coconut charcoal are the best options when it comes to shisha.

Natural charcoal doesn’t produce a bad smell or a side taste. You don’t want either of these during your session. When you use coconut charcoal for hookah, you won’t need to worry about a strange aftertaste.

The lack of accelerants allows natural charcoal to burn longer. A piece can last about 45 to 60 minutes. On the flip side, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to light a piece. High-quality ones may take longer, 8 to 12 minutes.

Natural charcoal tend to be affordable as well. As for ash, natural charcoal leaves only a little amount of them. Meaning, cleaning up will not be difficult.

Quick Lighting Charcoal

Quick lighting charcoal are charcoal with chemical additives. These chemical additives allow the charcoal to light a lot faster. It takes about 30 seconds to light a piece. This is great if you want a quick start for your shisha session.

Quick lighting charcoal, however, burn a lot faster. A quick lighting charcoal burns can last only 20 to 30 minutes. 

The downsides of quick lighting charcoal are that they may produce a bad smell and affect the tobacco taste. Neither of which are pleasant. In some cases, they might cause a headache.

They tend to be more expensive compared to natural charcoal as well. They leave a high amount of ash, which means more effort will be needed to clean the mess.

Which One Is Better?

Natural charcoal is superior to quick lighting charcoal. Whether it is about price, longevity, smell, taste, aftereffect, and even ash. The only thing quick lighting charcoal is better than natural charcoal is the ignition time. 

But, if you are okay with waiting for a while for the charcoal to light, then it is a non-issue. Plus, with the shisha experience that natural charcoal offers, it will worth the wait. Not to mention natural charcoal tend to be more affordable, too.

Charcoal for Shisha Price

As for the price, it varies widely depending on the brand. You can get coconut charcoal from as low as USD 6.99 to over USD 18. Many brands are in-between. 

High-quality charcoal for shisha price, whether natural or quick lighting, are on the expensive side. That doesn’t necessarily mean the affordable ones are low quality, of course. If anything, it is the opposite. There are lots of affordable charcoal that offer value for its price.

Charcoal for shisha price varies widely depending on the brand. In general, natural charcoal is more affordable than quick lighting ones. Want the best natural charcoal for hookah? Check out our natural coconut charcoal here or whatsApp +628-1212-333-590 (Maria)