Having a barbeque party is indeed fun, but the charcoal lighting can be annoying. Wet charcoal and ineffective charcoal lighter are the causes of these annoyances. To minimize these annoyances, you need this one of innovative charcoal cubes.

Why are Charcoal Lighter Cubes Better?

When it comes to lighting BBQ charcoal, there are several alternatives of charcoal grill starter to choose, such as charcoal lighter fluid and lighter cubes. However, many people choose the cubes over the fluid because of the reasons below.

1.     They are Non-Toxic, Odorless, and Tasteless

Charcoal lighter cubes are mostly made of non-toxic paraffin wax. They are odorless and tasteless so that they won’t affect the smell and the taste of the food. They are different from the lighter fluid that can ruin the taste and the smell of the food.

2.     They are Effective

Lighter cubes are effective in lighting or igniting the coals quickly. Whether you use wood charcoal or coconut charcoal, these cubes will be able to ignite it within seconds. Therefore, you don’t need to wait for long to get all the coals on the bottom of the BBQ ignited.

3.     They Can Even Work in Windy or Wet Condition

Lighter cubes for charcoal can even work in wet or windy conditions. Consequently, you will have no problem lighting the coals when you are having an outdoor barbeque.

How to Use Charcoal Lighter Cubes?

To use the charcoal lighter cubes, please follow these steps.

1.     Using the Lighter Cubes on the BBQ Grill

  • Create a pile of coals on the bottom of the BBQ.
  • Create a small well at the center of the top of the pile.
  • Place the lighter cubes in the well.
  • Light the cubes using a barbeque lighter.
  • Once the lighter cubes finish or disintegrate, spread out the coals to distribute the heat.

2.     Using the Lighter Cubes with the Charcoal Chimney

  • Put the lighter cubes underneath the charcoal chimney.
  • Fill in the chimney with the charcoal.
  • Light the lighter cubes.
  • Wait until there is a layer of white ash on the charcoal surface.
  • Put the charcoal inside the BBQ grill and spread it so that it makes an even layer.

The Best Type of Charcoal for BBQ

To make sure that you properly cook the chicken meat, beef, hot dogs, and burgers on the BBQ grill, it is essential to have the best type of charcoal. Among the choices of charcoal types, the coconut charcoal briquette is the best choice.

The coconut charcoal briquette is hotter than certain types of charcoal. It also lasts longer. Consequently, with a lesser amount of coconut charcoal briquettes, you will be able to get the heat needed for cooking.

In addition, the coconut charcoal briquettes are ashless so that you don’t need to deal with a messy BBQ ash. They are also smokeless and odorless, which will make your BBQ more enjoyable.

Charcoal lighter cubes and coconut charcoal briquettes are a perfect combination for BBQ. You can find the lighter cubes easily in stores or create on your own. Meanwhile, you can buy coconut charcoal from indonesiacoconutcharcoal.net or click link below.