coconut briquette charcoal

Coconut briquette charcoal becomes a new trend. Most business owners and personal users are using this charcoal to support their needs. They use it for various purposes, such as grilled something, shisha, hookah, and other things. The information above gives you more understanding before starting to use or even selling coconut briquettes charcoal. 

About Coconut Briquette Charcoal 

Just like its name, this briquette charcoal is made of coconut shell waste. The briquette companies apply some steps to manage the raw coconut shell into a coconut briquette charcoal package that is ready to sell. 

The function is the same as other charcoal. You can use it for shisha, hookah, barbeque, or grilling something. The reason why charcoal users use this product is that coconut briquettes have a high burning point and longer burning time. On the other hand, the smoke is less, along with the natural scent. Due to the specification, it slowly cooks ingredients without worrying about being over-burnt. 

Wood vs Coconut Briquette Charcoal 

Wood briquette charcoal is also popular among briquette users. They even used this charcoal before coconut charcoal briquette existed. You may get confused now about whether to use wood briquette or coconut briquette charcoal. The information will help you to understand both charcoals and choose one of them. 

Coconut Shell Charcoal 

This product has up to 7.340 calories of energy. This amount of energy makes it produce higher heat compared to wood charcoal. Because of that, this charcoal is also suitable for fuel and commonly used for industrial purposes. The raw material is denser and contains less water content. It makes coconut shell charcoal, has a long burning point and is without any bad scent. 

Wood Charcoal 

Wood charcoal has similar characteristics to coconut shell charcoal. This product is also suitable for cooking and industrial purposes. One of the reasons is that it has longer combustion heat. The significant difference is in the scent. Some wood briquette charcoal often produce a strong aroma that affects the aroma of your grilled food. 

So, coconut shell briquette charcoal is a good option for those who don’t like strong scents and smoke from charcoal. 

The Benefits of Using Coconut Shell Briquette 

More Efficient Than Other Charcoals 

Due to the dense and fewer water characteristics, it is hotter and slowly burning. As a result, this product lasts longer. The more compact the shape, the higher the thermal value. Coconut shell charcoal is 40 percent more efficient than wood charcoal. 

Smokeless and Ashless 

Indeed, coconut charcoal is a recommended option for those who need smokeless and ashless charcoal. The value of ash in this product is 0 to 10 percent. As a result, you don’t contribute to the increase of carbon when using this charcoal. Due to the smokeless characteristic, it doesn’t change the aroma of the grilled ingredients. You can even keep your clothes away from the smoky smell after grilling food. 

You can consider using or selling coconut briquette charcoal right now. The explanation above is enough to ensure people use this product as a new charcoal alternative.  If you interest to know more information about coconut charcoal, you can visit our website. You can also click link WhatsApp here to send a direct message with our team.