Coconut charcoal making

Have a lot of dried coconut shells in your house laying around? Well, no need to discard them, let’s turn them into a coconut charcoal instead. Don’t worry, it’s actually very easy to do and the only thing you’ll need is basically a charcoal drum or any drum with a lid on it. So if you’ve got that, let’s start the coconut charcoal making right away.

Why Coconut Charcoal Shell?

Though before we begin, you might be wondering, why do this thing? The answer to that is: because why not? Instead of letting your dried coconut shells to waste, we can turn them into a very efficient fuel. The purpose is for grilling purposes in the form of coconut charcoal.

It’s a two-birds one stone kind of situation where you’ll be getting a free fuel for your next BBQ party that also doesn’t alter the taste or smell of the food you’re grilling.

Anyway, let’s get started!

Making a Coconut Charcoal

Putting the shells inside the drum

To start making it at home, simply throw your dried out coconut shells into the drum. Make sure that all is dry with no fibers left. You can getting ash instead of charcoal that you want from the result of the fiber might catch on fire.

If your coconut shells aren’t dry enough, feel free to sun dry them for 2-3 days before proceeding.

Anyway, after putting the coconut shells inside, make sure that the drum has a small hole in the center for ventilation purposes.

Start the fire

After everything is set up and ready, simply start a fire on the coconut shell and let it spread gradually. Don’t fret if it’s not spreading fast enough, it’ll take a little while but it’ll soon be engulfed in flames.

Also, don’t try to speed up the process by dousing the coconut shells with petroleum or something similar as it’ll burn too brightly and turn your coconut shells to ash instead.

Close the lid and let the carbonization begins coconut charcoal making

Continuing with the process, close the lid of the drum and let the carbonization process begin. It will take around 6-8 hours for your coconut shells to turn into charcoals. In the meantime, you can do other things while this process is happening as there’s not much else for you to do.

Open the lid and let your charcoals cool before using them

After six to eight hours, go back to your charcoal drum and open the lid. Voila, you have already succeeded at coconut charcoal making. But just to make sure that it’s generally cooled, leave the charcoals and the lid to cool for about another six hours before you take them out.

And that’s it, that’s pretty much everything you have to do for coconut charcoal making. Very easy right? Now you know how to make coconut shell charcoal by yourself. It is easy to apply as long as you have a drum with a lid laying around somewhere.


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