coconut charcoal manufacturing process

The coconut charcoal manufacturing process involves coconut shells as the main material. Generally speaking, there are 3 different methods that people use to make coconut charcoal; using the drum method, the pit method, and a carbonization machine. This page will break down each method used to create charcoal made of coconut shells.

Using the Drum Method

Among the three methods used to make coconut charcoal, the drum method is perhaps the most popular one. It has an easy process and all you need to do is just place the coconut shell into a drum. Before starting the process, make sure that you create 3 different sets in the drum; upper layers, middle, and a lid. There should also be 6 holes you have to make in the drum. 

Then, you can place the coconut shells into the drum. Make sure that you leave a small space in the center of the drum after that for carbonization. Keep in mind that a limited supply of oxygen can lead to optimum carbonization and the quality of the charcoal will depend on it.

By having optimum carbonization, smoke produced during the process can circulate freely. Not only that but it also limits the supply of oxygen to coconut shells. In this way, you can get high-quality coconut charcoal. 

To start the carbonization process, you can burn coconut shells on another. After that, make sure that you close the drum tightly until the process of carbonization is completed. Then, let the drum and coconut charcoal cool. You can extract the coconut charcoal and wait for about 8 hours before packing it.

Using the Pit Method to Coconut Charcoal Manufacturing Process

The pit method is the oldest coconut manufacturing process. Only requires minimal capital, this method is also easy to complete. The only downside of the pit method is that you can’t use it to create charcoal made of coconut shells of large quality.

The very first step to produce coconut charcoal by using the pit method is to create a hole to put the shells in and then light them. Most of the time, you will need a few drops of dry fuel to make a stronger fire. After that, make sure to put a layer of soil and leaves around 8 inches above the raw materials.

Let the coconut shells in the hole for about 2 days to allow you to get the best quality coconut charcoal. Keep in mind that you can’t make a lot of charcoal at once by using this method. In this way, if you want to produce a large quantity of coconut shell charcoal, you need to repeat this pit method.

Is Coconut Charcoal Better

Using a Carbonation Machine 

You can also use a carbonation machine in the coconut charcoal manufacturing process. In this method, pre-treatment equipment is required for your raw materials before the carbonization process is started. This required equipment includes dryers and crushers.

The latter is used to crush the shells of coconut so they will have a smaller size below 50 mm. Meanwhile, drying is useful in decreasing the coconut shells’ moisture. Once you have crushed and dried the coconut shells, you can put them in the carbonization machine to allow the pyrolysis process to start. 

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