The coconut charcoal price per kg will depend on some factors, such as the place where you buy it. But it ranges from $1 to $2 per kilogram. As you can see, its affordable price is the biggest benefit of coconut charcoals. Besides for cooking, coconut charcoals are also beneficial for plants. Here are the advantages of using coconut charcoals as planting media.

Increasing the pH of the Soil

Coconut charcoal can help to increase the pH of soil. pH itself is the acidity level of soil. Soil that has a pH less than 7 will be acidic in nature. On the other hand, soil that has a pH more than 7 will have alkaline properties. So, the ideal pH for planting is 7. You can use coconut charcoal if your soil pH is less than 7 because coconut charcoals have a pH of around 8.5 to 9.

Preventing Plants from Diseases

There are some microbes in the soil that can cause diseases to plants. But if you use or add coconut charcoals to your planting media, it can isolate those microbes, preventing the plants from diseases. Coco shell charcoals will bind these pathogenic microbes so they cannot be bound by plants. Moreover, this type of charcoal can also bind other toxic substances.

Using coconut charcoals as planting media will be able to help you maintain the health of your plants, helping them to thrive.

Helping Plants in Binding Nutrients

Adding coconut charcoals to your planting media will help the plants to bind nutrients. This way, nutrients will not be lost and dissolved in the air when you water the plants. Also, this type of charcoal can also be a place for the development of good microbes for plants. These good microbes can help plants to process organic materials into nutrients so that they become more fertile.

Maintaining Air Circulation

In order to grow well and fertile, plants need good air circulation. Air circulation is useful in the process of exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide in plants. This exchange process normally occurs in the root. With coconut shell charcoals, the circulation and exchange process can go well. So, the plants can get enough oxygen to grow and thrive.

Improving Soil

Another benefit of using coconut charcoal as planting media is improving the soil. Coconut shell charcoals can improve the soil that has been contaminated by chemicals. You can do so by mixing contaminated soil with as many coconut charcoals as possible.

Making the Soil Loose

Coconut shell charcoals can help to make soil loose. This is one of the reasons why many people add this type of charcoal into their planting media. How do coconut charcoals make the soil loose? Coco shell charcoals are light and have high porosity. So, if you want your plants to thrive and grow healthily, you can use or add this type of charcoal to your planting media.

Those are the benefits of coconut charcoals as planting media and the answer to the coconut charcoal price per kg.

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