Coconut charcoal toothpaste

Coconut charcoal toothpaste sounds appealing to people who pay great attention to their health. However, is charcoal toothpaste healthy? Is there any drawback to using charcoal toothpaste?


Why should you use charcoal toothpaste? Coconut charcoal toothpaste comes with some potential advantages. Using charcoal toothpaste might be able to freshen your breath. The toothpaste comes with activated charcoal that can attract plaque and food particles. As those things are cleaned, your breath can be fresher although the result does not seem to do much better than common toothpaste products.

Another potential benefit of charcoal toothpaste is to remove extrinsic stains. Activated charcoal used for toothpaste has a slightly abrasive characteristic. That is why it may be useful for removing surface stains on your teeth when brushing. Activated charcoal also has an absorbent characteristic. It means that it may absorb certain types of stains. The absorbed stains will be washed away when you rinse your mouth.

According to some reports, toothpaste with activated charcoal is likely to affect medications. However, this toothpaste is very unlikely to affect your medications. You might know that people also use activated charcoal to counteract some problems, such as poisoning and drug overdose. 

However, the effect on medications can be found when the activated charcoal makes continuous contact with the medications in the digestive tract. When using charcoal toothpaste for brushing, you will rinse it away. There is no need to worry as long as you do not swallow the charcoal toothpaste after brushing your teeth.


Are you interested in using charcoal toothpaste after knowing its potential benefits? Before you decide to use this toothpaste, you should also learn more about its potential drawbacks.

Safety concerns about this product become the very first potential drawback of using charcoal toothpaste you need to consider. Your dentist might warn you to be more cautious when using this kind of toothpaste. The long-term effect of regular charcoal toothpaste uses still needs to be determined with more additional research.

You do not want to use charcoal toothpaste for daily use because it is too abrasive. The abrasive characteristic of charcoal might be useful for removing surface stains on your teeth, but it is not suitable for everyday use. If you use abrasive toothpaste every day, it can wear down the enamel layer of your teeth. As a result, dentin under the enamel layer will get exposed. Dentin is calcified yellow tissue. In a long term, your teeth will look more yellow and feel more sensitive.

Charcoal toothpaste products usually do not come with fluoride while recommended toothpaste must contain fluoride for strengthening and protecting your teeth enamel. Enamel will protect your teeth from decay and cavities, after all. 

Charcoal toothpaste might be a great option to whiten your teeth but using it regularly may cause new stains due to the charcoal particles buildup in the cracks and crevices of older teeth. That is why your teeth might look grayish or even darker.

Using charcoal toothpaste might also affect the look of your dental restorations. Coconut charcoal toothpaste cannot detoxify your mouth. It cannot remove toxins from your body although it may be useful for attracting and lifting away plaque and food particles from your teeth.

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