coconut husk as charcoal

At first, coconut husk to charcoal is only a waste. Now, this waste material is gold. Some people use coconut husk as charcoal. Best of all, they can make money from this product. So, why do people love to use coconut husk charcoal instead of other charcoal? Check the answer below.

It is a Vapor-Activated Material

Charcoal experts found that coconut husk is a vapor-activated material. It means that this material is free from contaminating agents. The unique part is that this material doesn’t contaminate even if it is mixed with other materials. 

Coconut husk to charcoal

It has a Greater Iodine Number 

Another interesting fact about coconut husk is the iodine number. Experts tested the raw coconut husk with an iodine solution. Surprisingly, the result is that this material has a higher iodine number. This means that coconut husk is a good activated carbon material. The result explains that this product can adsorb better than other raw materials, such as wood. Because of that, the heat duration of coconut husks is longer when burning them. It is one of the reasons why manufacturers use coconut husk as charcoal. The longer the heating duration, the less charcoal you are using. It becomes an economical option for those who often use charcoal. 

Activated Coconut Husk as Charcoal is Even Purified Air 

Activated coconut husk is not only good for charcoal but also other air purification products. Have you ever seen a person putting a small pack of coconut husk charcoal in their bathroom? It is not a strange behavior. The truth is that coconut husk charcoal can also eliminate bad odors. You can do the same thing to purify the air around the room because of toxic gases or solvents. Slowly but surely, coconut husk charcoal will absorb the gas and clean the air. 

You Can Even Consume It to Treat Gas or Poison in Stomach 

As a charcoal, coconut husk is so precious. Nowadays, this product is not only used for grilling ingredients but also for medication. Based on the latest research, essential compounds in the activated coconut husk also work effectively within the digestive system. This material will also absorb poison and gas within the digestive system. That’s why some supplement manufacturers use coconut husk as one of the materials in their products. 

It Helps to Treat Your Skin 

Don’t be surprised when you find skincare products contain coconut husk charcoal. Surprisingly, coconut husk charcoal is also great for treating the skin. The essential compounds in the activated charcoal husk help to get rid of bacteria, chemicals, and impurities in the skin. You can also fight against acne with charcoal skincare. Finally, we all know why coconut husk charcoal is so popular in the market. The demand for coconut husk as charcoal also increases because of the interesting facts above. You can consider using products made of activated coconut husk, such as selling coconut husk charcoal and skincare with coconut husk charcoal in case you want to start a business. Indeed, you can also use it by yourself for grilling your favorite ingredients at home. Then, feel the difference between coconut husk charcoal and other charcoal.

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