Coconut shell as activated carbon

We’ve talked about coconut shell charcoals extensively before in these articles. But what we haven’t talked about is using coconut shell as activated carbon and what benefits they bring to you. So without further ado, let’s read the article below.

Activated Carbon?

If you don’t know yet, activated carbon, otherwise known as activated charcoal is a charcoal that’s been burned in high heat in order to expand its surface area. There are many uses for this activated carbon which we’re going to be talking about later.

As you can probably imagine, most charcoal can be turned into an activated carbon. Including coconut shell charcoals. You can buy activated coconut shell charcoal out there. You can also make one yourself if you have the necessary equipment.

Anyway, what are this thing benefits?

The Benefits of Coconut Shell as Activated Carbon


All activated carbon or activated charcoal are absorbent, making them works really well as a purifier. Coconut shell as activated carbon’s pore structure consists mostly of microscopes. It allows to absorb impurities more efficiently compared to other activated carbon.

Not only that, gold and other precious metals recovery use few activated carbons due to its abrasion resistance and chemical characteristics.

Detox from Coconut Shell as Activated Carbon

Another common use of coconut shell as activated carbon is to use it to detox from substance poisoning or overdose. The activated carbon can flush out harmful substance in their body.

This isn’t quite as unique as its status as a purifier. But coconut shell as activated carbon works better as poisoning treatment than other activated charcoal. Thanks to the characteristics we mentioned earlier.

Do note however that you should not ingest activated coconut charcoal or any other activated charcoal before consulting with your physician and/or doctor first. Because while they are indeed helpful to help with substance poisoning, some substances like cyanide won’t be absorbed still.

Beauty Product from Coconut Shell as Activated Carbon

Some skin-care routines out there encourage the use of peel-off mask made with activated coconut charcoal as they work as an exfoliant to your skin while also helping keeping your skin clean by removing dirt and impurities.

There have been records of people using activated carbon to treat oily skin too as the excess oil will bind to the charcoal.

There are also teeth whitening product with activated coconut shell charcoal as a base ingredient.


So as you can see, you can use coconut shell as activated charcoal for a lot of things. But its most unique ability is its role as a purifier. It works exceptionally well compared to other things out there and is generally the go-to choice when you need to purify something.


Anyway, that’s everything we’re able to say for today in this article about activated coconut charcoal, we hope you find it useful. If you interest to access more information about coocnut charcoal you can visit our website or click here to get best quality of coocnut charcoal.