coconut shell charcoal briquettes manufacturer indonesia

Finding a coconut shell charcoal briquettes manufacturer Indonesia is not a hard task. There are so many charcoal traders and more than 30 factories in this country. However, the question may arise about how to find the right one. There are two parameters when it comes to charcoal factories, production time and quality.

The first-time order is basically the best for quality. Meanwhile, the second order can be a different case. The main concern for all buyers is keeping good quality.

The specifications of the shells are the problem. The quality of the product depends on the based material which is coconut shells. For instance, coconut shell grown in North Sulawesi result in white ash while another one from Sumatra produce brown ash.

Where to Buy Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes Manufacturer Indonesia

One of the factors that affect the quality of the charcoal is the method of burning and drying. If it is dried until the water content reaches 15%, then it is burned without oxygen and makes a good quality.

If it is burned in the forest or a place with oxygen and not dry enough, this will lower its quality. To get a high-quality result like in a coconut shell charcoal briquettes manufacturer Indonesia, it is not recommended to use young shells.

Another essential parameter that can affect the quality is the mixing of shells with wood and soil. Sometimes soil and wood can be combined with the shells in the pyrolysis process (burning).

In order to find the right supplier, make sure that the factory does the shell collection and burning process by itself. If they order shells from another source, quality can be unstable from batch to batch.

Doing the two processes by yourself will also be useful to overcome the second biggest problem which is the long production time. Even though this plant grows the whole year in Indonesia, it can be difficult in some moments to get empty shells.

Sometimes, farmers burn this material or throw them away too much. This is the reason why the price can fluctuate almost every week. Demand and supply are also in this coconut shell charcoal briquettes manufacturer Indonesia.

Abundant and Cheap Material in Indonesia

If you want to start a business in this field, the thing to do first is by collecting large quantities of shells. It is common that people usually throw them away after enjoying coconut milk. In some tropical countries, you will discover many shells on the markets, roadside, and processing factories. Indonesia is a place where you will say it is coconut heaven!

Based on the FAO’s statistics (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), the largest coconut producer in the world is Indonesia. In 2020, the total production reached up to 20 million and supported coconut shell charcoal briquettes manufacturer Indonesia. 

The tropical climate supports 3.4 million hectares of plantation in Indonesia. The main harvesting areas are Sulawesi, Java, and Sumatra. The price is so cheap and you can get a huge amount in these places.

The safest trick to prepare for unexpected quality change is by paying only if you already get the product and check it. If you recognize the coconut shell charcoal briquettes manufacturer Indonesia well, you can get the best deal with them.

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