Coconut shell charcoal briquettes price

Coconut shell charcoal briquettes price – What is the price of charcoal (briquettes) per kilo in the market today and sold anywhere in Indonesia. Where is the place to sell coconut shell charcoal in East Java. Which is said to be the most sought-after export charcoal commodity. 

Charcoal itself is a black residue containing impure carbon produced by removing water content. And volatile components from animals or plants. Briquettes in European countries that have cold weather such as the Netherlands, France and Asia. This coconut briquette has a fairly high export value and domestic market. Indonesia itself is the largest supplier of coconut briquettes compared to other Asian countries.

Some Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes Price in Indonesia

Below will be given a list of the current Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes Price. For those of you who are new entrepreneurs or who will be involved in the briquettes business, you must know the latest updates on the price of coconut charcoal in East Java, Central Java, West Java and Bangka Belitung. 

Charcoal briquettes are indeed many kinds including wood charcoal, sawdust charcoal, rice husk charcoal. Coconut shell charcoal, Litter charcoal, Then mahogany fruit shell charcoal and maybe there are still many types of briquettes that are ready to export abroad.

  • Food Grade Coconut Shell Charcoal 1 kg Rp12,000
  • Charcoal Briquettes Coconut Shell Box 1 kg Rp17,000
  • Finger Briquette Charcoal Coconut Shell 1 kg Rp20.000
  • Cocomera Briquettes Charcoal Coconut Shells for Shisha & Incense 1 kg Rp25.000
  • Briquette Charcoal Coconut Shell Cube 3 kg Rp30.000
  • Cocofire Briquette Charcoal Shell Coconut Cube 1 kg Rp37.350
  • Ultra Coco BBQ Briquette Charcoal Shell Coconut Cube 1 kg Rp48.000
  • Ace Flame Briquette Charcoal Shell Coconut Cube 3 kg Rp64.900
  • Briquette Charcoal Coconut Shell BBQ 5 kg Rp94.000

Supplier of Coconut Charcoal

There are also coconut charcoal sellers who have a CV license to sell export residual charcoal briquettes at a PRICE of Rp. 3500 / kg, with a minimum purchase of 10 tons but the price does not include shipping costs. The price per kg of briquettes in the online market varies from 4 –7 rb per kilo depending on the type of charcoal, industry, quality and region.

As the best charcoal producer, of course, the price of briquettes can go up or down depending on demand and season. Maybe you need to know how to make charcoal briquettes with the best quality. Then to get a good briquette you need to know the specifications and maximum content that we mentioned above. Data in Indonesia shows that the best briquettes sales are briquette factory companies in Jepara. The area is indeed famous for producing quality briquette charcoal. Because it is close to the coastal area where there are many coconut trees.


That’s the information about coconut shell charcoal briquettes Price in Indonesia. Then hopefully it can help those of you who are looking for the latest coconut charcoal price update at the moment which you may each of you are confused about which coconut charcoal briquettes are at a low price or expensive price, that’s all and hopefully useful.

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