coconut shell charcoal supplier

Coconut shells that can be bought from a coconut shell charcoal supplier are a raw material to make quality charcoal. Nowadays, it is used in various fields and people can buy it easily. Coconut shells consist of pith (up to 70%) and coconut fiber (up to 30%). its lignin content is around 36.5% and its ash is around 0.6%, which makes it easy to turn into charcoal.

Knowing how to make coconut charcoal is interesting and important information. There are some methods applied based on the level of difficulty and the completeness of the equipment.

The Drum Method

The first method called the drum method which is the most common and known for making quality charcoal. It is simple just put the coconut shell that you buy from a coconut shell charcoal supplier into the drum. Do not forget to give a little space right in the middle. This is important for optimal carbonization. During this process, the oxygen supply is limited due to the free circulation of smoke and resulting in a quality product. 

To start this process, you can burn one shell for another. After that, close the hole tightly and wait until the process is done. Once it is done, cool the drum for 8 hours and extract the charcoal for the packing which is the last process.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Supplier, the Pit Method

The second one is called the pit method. This one is the oldest way of making coconut charcoal. You will spend minimal capital and go through easy steps. However, the drawback is that you cannot get large quantities. To make it this way, just put the shells in the hole. After that, start a fire in the hole. To make a strong fire, you can use a bit of dry fuel. Once you have done that, the next step is to put soil and a layer of leaves 8 inches above the raw materials. 

Wait 2 days or less to get the best result similar to the product from a coconut shell charcoal supplier. If you want to get a large quantity, just easily repeat this method. Just be patient with the process and you will see that the wait is not in vain.

Using a Carbonization Machine

The last one is by making use of a carbonization machine. It is important to make sure that you own pre-treatment equipment before carbonizing the shells. You can use dryers and crushers. It is recommended to cut the shells into a very small size (approximately under 50 mm). This will give the crushers the task to do that. Meanwhile, drying is useful to reduce the water content in the shells.

After that, you can start the heated carbonization process by putting it in the shells. This step is needed to start the pyrolysis process. This process carbonizes the shells into charcoals. Since each method serves different equipment and steps, make sure that you prepare them properly. If you do not want to do that, just easily get quality charcoal from a coconut shell charcoal supplier.

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