Coconut shell charcoal uses

Since coconut shell charcoal is a valuable commercial product, you will find many different coconut shell charcoal uses. As the name suggests, this type of charcoal is made out of coconut shells. These shells are the hardest part of the coconut, which you will be able to find inside the coconut husk.

Manufacturers usually make coconut charcoal through a series of processes. These processes involve burning the shells of mature coconuts. You can use coconut shell charcoal to create active carbon, which is why this type of coconut has many valuable commercial applications.

To help you learn more about coconut shell charcoal, we are going to tell you its many uses in our day-to-day lives. That way, you will be able to understand how important coconut shell charcoal is. Without further ado, here are some of the most incredible uses of coconut shell charcoal.

Barbeque in the Food Industry

One of the most common uses of coconut shell charcoal is barbeque. Coconut shell charcoal has an impressive heating capacity. You will commonly find barbeque lovers using this type of charcoal instead of normal coal. 

Other than having a high heating capacity, coconut shell charcoal also smells good. And that is very beneficial, considering that barbeque smoke can smell pretty bad. That is why most food producers in the industry choose coconut shell charcoal to prepare barbeques and traditional foods.

Charcoal Soap

One of the most unique coconut shell charcoal uses is soap. Coconut shell charcoal has a couple of properties that make it very suitable as an ingredient for soap. This type of charcoal has incredible purification and moisturizer qualities.

People who have sensitive skin will receive the most benefits from using coconut shell charcoal soap. However, people with non-sensitive skin can also use this type of soap. You will be able to easily find coconut shell charcoal soap in supermarkets nowadays.

Teeth Whitener

Another incredible use of coconut shell charcoal is as a teeth whitener. Coconut shell charcoal is a natural teeth whitener. You can use this type of charcoal to brighten your teeth, allowing you to give the best smiles to people around you.

You can use coconut shell charcoal as a teeth whitener by brushing your teeth with it. Once you have brushed your teeth with coconut shell charcoal, you will immediately see incredible results. That is why many people also use coconut shell charcoal as their toothpaste.

Animal Feed

You can also use coconut shell charcoal as animal feed. You can use this type of charcoal to feed pigs, cattle, and other poultry animals. Based on recent research, feeding coconut charcoal to cattle will increase their milk production rates. This charcoal will also help increase the weight of pigs while reducing the risk for diseases.


Coconut shell charcoal is a very useful commercial product that you can use for many things. You can use this type of charcoal for barbeque, soap, teeth whitener, and animal feed. And those are the coconut shell charcoal uses you need to know.

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