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Coconut charcoal or coconut briquette is charcoal that comes from coconut shells and is formed in the form of boxes or blocks. There are many coconut charcoal benefits that make it the best commodity in the world. No wonder many countries import coconut charcoal briquettes. 

Because activated coconut charcoal has the advantage of being a renewable fuel, many countries have started looking for suppliers of this product. Based on data from, there are 10 countries with the highest levels of charcoal consumption in the world. In the first place is China and followed by India. Then there is the USA, Germany, Russia, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Poland, and the last one is Australia. Well, in this article, we will explain three other countries that also have high consumption of charcoal and can become your best of coconut charcoal buyers.

Africa: A Country that Consumes A Lot of Charcoal and Can be Your First Choice in Selling Coconut Charcoal

The demand for biomass in Africa is increasing every year. The biomass is widely used for household, business, and industrial needs. It is used for everyday purposes such as space heating and industrial boilers. Because of the importance of the need for biomass, Africa is starting to need a lot of cheap alternative fuels. Finally, Africans make charcoal the best choice for their fuel source. Therefore, if you intend to sell the coconut charcoal briquettes that you produce, then Africa can be the best country for selling your products.

Wow, It Turns Out that it is Also A Prima Donna in Middle East

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE are the three countries in the Middle East that are coconut charcoal buyers. The reason is the high consumption of meat in these countries so they need cheaper fuel and their choice falls to coconut charcoal. Seeing the high market demand, you can sell your coconut charcoal products to that three countries. But you have to make sure that your charcoal products have good quality. For coconut charcoal shisha type, they need shisha with a good level of hardness, long burning time, smokeless, and has no taste.

You Can Also Make Europe as A Destination Country for You to Sell Your Coconut Charcoal Products

In Europe, coconut charcoal is used for various needs. Usually, the charcoal is used for barbecue and poultry raising. Activated charcoal is also used as a raw material for skin care, medicine, and food. Europe also use charcoal as an ingredient for golf course development. How? So, the charcoal is used to coat the soil before planting grass so the carbon from the charcoal can help grass grow.

With so many needs for charcoal, Europe has a lot of demand for coconut charcoal. To sell your product there, make sure the raw materials and process for making your coconut charcoal have good qualifications before being sent there, because countries in Europe have a fairly high standard of charcoal quality.

How? Now you know which countries are the best coconut charcoal buyers in the world, right? So, which country are you interested in selling your coconut charcoal products?

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