coconut charcoal

As the name tells, a coconut charcoal cooker or also known as charcoal stove is cooking ware that uses charcoals as the fuel. In this modern era, even though electric stoves and cooktops are getting popular, charcoal stoves cannot be replaced. Many people and restaurants still use charcoal cookers to cook some of their menus.

It is probably because charcoals can create a special, smokey taste that other cooking wares cannot produce. Below are some types of charcoals that are commonly used in a charcoal stove.

Coconut Shell Charcoals

As you can guess, this type of charcoal is made of coconut shells. Coconut shell charcoals are made of only old coconuts because they are denser and contain less water than young coconuts. You can easily find coconut shell charcoals in the market. There are several benefits why quite many people prefer to use coconut shell charcoals.

The biggest benefit is this type of charcoal is affordable as they are made of unused coconut shells. Also, Coconut shell charcoals produce relatively less ash and the fire can last longer than wood charcoals. Another benefit of coconut shell charcoal is that it does not produce a lot of smoke.

Wood Coconut Charcoal Cooker

The next type commonly used in a coconut charcoal cooker is wood charcoals. Nowadays, it is quite hard to find wood charcoals because the sellers are not many. Gavin Sacks, a professor in Cornell University has said that wood charcoals can add a special aroma and taste to food. It is because wood charcoals contain a component named guaiacol that produces a specific aroma when exposed to heat.

Guaiacol produces a smokey, spicy aroma that smells similar to bacon. It is because of the damaged lignin. Lignin itself is a main chemical component contained in woods. It acts as an adhesive in the cell walls, besides cellulose and hemicellulose. However, wood charcoals have a drawback, which is creating a lot of ash.

Charcoal Briquettes

Charcoal briquettes are charcoals made of other refined charcoals, with an addition of other mixtures. Then molded as needed. Charcoal that is often used as charcoal briquettes includes coconut shell charcoals. The coconut shells are crushed, then turned into coconut charcoal briquettes. Charcoal briquettes burn longer as the fire is not easily off.

Also, this type of charcoal does not produce a lot of ash. Charcoal briquettes contain high calories, which are around 6,700 to 7,100 kkal that can make the burning process quicker. Even though it can produce high heat, the fire of charcoal briquettes can be easily put out.

Modern Coconut Charcoal Cooker

Coal charcoals are modern charcoals with various shapes and sizes, as well as clean look. You can find it on supermarkets. Compared to other types of charcoals, coal charcoals have stable fire. Also, it does not produce a lot of smoke so that you can comfortably hold a barbecue party without having to worry about choked or coughing due to the smoke.

This type of charcoal is usually used for a modern coconut charcoal cooker with a special combustion area. Unfortunately, coal charcoals are expensive.

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