coconut shell charcoal vs originals

Coconut shell charcoal vs originals have a number of differences but both of them are beneficial for our daily life. Become popular combustible biomass, they are made from different materials. Although both use natural sources as the main materials but not all of them are completely natural.

It becomes the reason why people start comparing both types of charcoal and looking for the best one to use. Original charcoal still contains some additives during its making process. Hence, people currently prefer to use coconut charcoal for cooking although it also has other more suitable benefits.

Coconut Shell Charcoal vs Originals Making Process

Coconut shell charcoal is totally safe because it comes from 100 percent natural material. Using old coconut shells containing less moisture, they are burnt in a kiln with a restricted amount of air. This process burns the coconut shells without completely destroying them so it produces an evenly black color.

The consistency of burning is also from around 72 percent of fixed carbon in the charcoal. Since it only uses one natural ingredient and doesn’t contain any additives, it is suitable for medicine manufacturing. Besides, becomes one of the differences between coconut shell charcoal vs originals charcoal.

It is because original charcoal is not necessarily natural. Although it uses wood, it combines with sawdust, other particles, and additives for easier burning and lighting. That combination of materials enables the original type of charcoal last longer and require small amounts for burning than the coconut type.

Burning Condition between Coconut Shell Charcoal and Original Charcoal

There are several differences between charcoal made from coconut shells and wood. When both of them are burnt and produce different amount of side-products such as:

  • Ash

Similar to briquettes, original charcoal produces more amounts of ash. It is none other due to the use of additives in its making process. This also affects smoke that appeared from the burning process. When inhaled, those additives can be harmful to the respiratory system.

The ash produced in the burning process not only affects the surrounding area but also causes air pollution. Meanwhile, charcoal from coconut shells produces less amount of ash since it is completely natural. Moreover, the smoke from the burning process doesn’t cause pollution in the air.

  • Odor 

The use of additives and unnatural materials exudes a bad chemical odor that can affect the food when you use original charcoal for cooking or grilling. This commonly makes the foods and even the clothes you use during cooking smell bad. Odor is another difference between coconut shell charcoal vs originals.

However, coconut shell charcoal is odorless. Instead, it produces a pleasant smoky flavor that you commonly discover in the majority of traditional dishes. It is not surprising if people nowadays prefer to use charcoal from coconut shells for cooking activities including grilling and baking.

Coconut shell charcoal vs originals is two things that people currently need to take into account. Although both offer effective burning activities, you can choose them based on health factors for safer use. To get to know deeper about coconut shell charcoal, you can visit our website. You can also click here to send a direct message with our team.