activated charcoal coconut vs hardwood

Several types of charcoal are available for different purposes nowadays. People start to compare one another such as activated charcoal coconut vs hardwood. It is because both of them are two resources that use to make this combustible biomass.

People take benefit of those charcoals for health, beauty, and food preparation. Exposure to high temperatures makes the charcoal oxidize and become an activated form when it is combined with air or steam. It triggers the appearance of tiny pores which are effectively trapping any chemicals.

The Different Uses

Made from different materials, definitely, both types of charcoal have different uses. Charcoal made from coconut shells is eligible for both external and internal. For instance, activated coconut charcoal is consumable to treat alcohol poisoning and it is safe to apply on hair to add fullness and strength.

Another difference between coconut and hardwood activated charcoal in terms of use is the hardwood type is more ideal for external use. Besides, hardwood charcoal is easy to scrub off when being applied to external parts of the body while the coconut type requires harder efforts to clean.

Some Differences between Activated Coconut Charcoal and Activated Hardwood Charcoal

Not just the ways how you use it, there are still several differences between those two types of charcoal.

Maintaining healthy skin

Both activated charcoal from coconut and hardwood provides benefits to the skin. Their properties are useful to maintain healthy skin. Coconut charcoal can keep the skin remains clean and clear. It also makes the skin feel smooth over time. Meanwhile, hardwood charcoal is effective to clean the skin.

It treats acne well, clears blackheads and whiteheads, and controls oil which often triggers the appearance of breakouts. That’s the activated properties of hardwood charcoal are usually added to facial wash or scrub products. Not to mention the skin cleanser because they have the ability to penetrate the pores.


Coconut charcoal is useful for those who need detoxification because it absorbs harmful toxins in the body. It is due to millions of pores on the surface of activated charcoal that can bind huge amounts of toxins in the body. This reaction also differs from the effectiveness of activated charcoal coconut vs hardwood.

Teeth Whitening

Activated hardwood charcoal is beneficial for teeth whitening as it has ability to absorb big color molecules. This material is frequently use in the toothpaste’s ingredients. When brushing the teeth using it, the activated charcoal stays on the teeth for a few minutes and reduces discoloration occurred on the teeth.

Some people also use it as a natural whitening agent just by simply dabbing this material on teeth and leaving it for a while. You just need to include this material in your daily brushing routine. You can discover the improvement in the teeth’s color within two weeks or it often takes a long time for heavy stains.

Activated charcoal coconut vs hardwood has its purposes and uses and there are a little few differences between them. If you want to know more about coconut charcoal, you can visit our website. You can also click here to send a direct message with our team.