coconut briquettes vs charcoal

Coconut briquettes vs charcoal are made from the same material which is coconut shells. Both of them use the old coconut shells to make high-quality products. With less water content and denser material, coconut materials can form charcoal with a better ability to capture molecules and last longer combustible.

Of course, as coconut shells turn into briquettes and charcoal, it has different purposes. Created from 100 percent natural products and without containing additives has made coconut briquettes are one environmentally friendly combustible biomass. It serves as a great alternative for cooking activities.

How to Create Coconut Briquettes vs Charcoal

Coconut briquettes come from a mixture of several natural substances and they are dried before forming into solid blocks. When normal briquettes often use other materials like sawdust and chemical additives to compress into the blocks. Briquettes from coconut shells are not containing those harmful properties.

Moreover, these natural briquettes have a lower temperature for burning. That’s why it is not only suitable for cooking and grilling but also serves as great hookah tobacco. The low temperature allows you to smoke the hookah into the bottom of the bowl to enjoy the preferred flavor.

Meanwhile, coconut shells that go through a pyrolysis process using high heat can form a powder. This becomes a reason for a good coconut charcoal review. It is because its uses becoming more varied. In this form, coconut charcoal is available for medicine or home remedy purposes and purifying processes.

Other Uses of Them

There are other uses for these two different coconut combustible products and both of them are beneficial for our daily life with healthier and eco-friendly options.


The use of 100 percent natural ingredients makes coconut briquettes an ideal option for shisa. It is almost odorless so it doesn’t change the taste of shisa. The quality of this material that produces less smell and a good smoky ratio enables to create of high-quality shisa.

Another difference between coconut briquettes vs charcoal from coconut for barbecue is, that the ones made for shisa come with firmer density. They are also easily flammable and made into cube shapes. They also have a hard structure that enables people to hold them with tongs without worrying to break them.

Soaps and Toothpaste

Coconut charcoal is available for various purposes because you can also use it for both soap and toothpaste manufacturers. It is due to adsorbing properties that can remove different sizes of molecules including toxins and stains. For instance, it includes soap products to help remove dirt molecules from the body.

Many toothpaste products currently also use this type of charcoal to make teeth remains clean. The activated properties in the charcoal are effective to get rid of stains on teeth. Hence, it works well to treat teeth discoloration from long consumption of coffee or tea.

Other benefits of coconut charcoal are used in both human and animal products to improve health and immunity such as in their food supplements.

Coconut briquettes vs charcoal offer different advantages for health and daily use but both of them are completely safe. If you interest to know more information about coconut charcoal or briquettes, you can visit our website. You can also click here to send a direct message to our team.