The industrial hookah charcoal or shisha charcoal manufacturing process comprises a manufacturing line that produces several varieties of shisha or hookah charcoal cubes. The production line can handle hookah charcoal in a variety of forms and sizes, including round shisha charcoal (common diameter: 30mm x 33mm x 40mm), cube hookah charcoal (common size: 25 x 25mm, 22 x 22mm, 20 x 20mm), hookah charcoal having bespoke designs, and so on.

Every hookah briquette manufacturing line has a production capacity of 100kg/h to 1t/h, which may be customized to meet the demands of the user. For any clients, the factory mostly designs two types of hookah charcoal manufacturing lines: round hookah charcoal production lines and cubed shisha charcoal production lines.

hookah charcoal cubes

A Brief Overview of the hookah charcoal cubes Manufacturing Process

As we all know, shisha or hookah charcoal cube has been popular in many nations in recent years, particularly in certain affluent countries such as Europe, the United States, as well as in the Middle East, where smoking shisha has become a new fad.

Along with the growing popularity of smoking hookahs the global industry for shisha charcoal manufacture has enormous potential. For over ten years, most of industrial charcoal machinery has been a professional charcoal machine manufacturer, and they are continually researching how to make high-quality shisha coal briquette machines with such high efficiency and huge output, as well as providing clients with a specific shisha charcoal manufacturing line.

A charcoal grinder, charcoal briquette machine, binder mixer, charcoal drying box, automated cutter with conveyor, as well as charcoal sealing machine are the key components of a Shisha charcoal production line.

Line Components for Producing Hookah Charcoal Cube

  • Charcoal Grinder

The charcoal grinding machine is primarily used to more effectively crush charcoal powder or coal powder to generate a fine coal powder for the production of high-quality shisha or hookah charcoal cube.

  • Binder Mixer

Fill the mixing barrel of the charcoal mixer with a particular amount of charcoal powder, binder, along with water. The electrical motor on top of such mixer drives the two spinning axes in the mixer barrel to evenly combine the wet powder, ensuring that the finished shisha charcoal has a high density.

  • Charcoal Briquette Machine

This part is an important piece of equipment in the manufacturing line since it can form the powdered charcoal. Feed charcoal powder to the machine’s inlet, and the screw shaft within the forming machine will draw the wet powder ahead, extruding the finished formed charcoal via the outlet. The outlet mold may be chosen based on the customer’s needs for various shisha charcoal forms.

  • Conveyor-driven Automatic Cutter

In practice, the cutter with a flat conveyor always works in tandem. Typically, the cutter is mounted in the middle of such conveyor to automatically cut the created charcoal bar as it is conveyed to the bottom on the conveyor. The cutter’s spinning blade can turn charcoal bar to cubic-shaped hookah charcoal with a high output.

  • Charcoal Drying Machine

After cutting, hookah charcoal cube should be cured in the drying box for 4-8 hours. The duration of drying will be extended if the moisture level for the charcoal is high. And the drying time is mostly determined by the moisture and hardness of the charcoal.

  • Packaging Equipment for Charcoal Briquettes

The packaging process is primarily used to separate dry shisha charcoal goods into compact packages that are easier to carry and sell.

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