Hookah coals are utilized in hookah smoking to heat up the tobacco. Hookah is also known as Nargile, shisha, or hubble-bubble in many nations and regions. Hookah charcoal Indonesia is in high demand because of the worldwide popularity of hookah. They may be found on the shelves of numerous supermarkets and online stores. So, if you’d like to start or expand your charcoal business, producing hookah coals is a wonderful option.

The Best Materials for Hookah Charcoal Indonesia

hookah charcoal indonesia

The majority of hookah coals on the marketplace are made of shells of coconut and fruitwood. Hookah coals, unlike other types of biomass charcoal, must be smokeless and odorless, with minimum ash residue, a long burn period, and steady heat. As a result, we can only pick raw materials from coconut shells, hardwood, fruit trees, and so on.

The Manufacturing of Shisha Charcoal / Hookah Charcoal Indonesia

The manufacturing method of shisha charcoal is quite similar to that of other charcoal briquettes. The processes include:

  1. Carbonization
  2. Charcoal grinding
  3. Mixing with binder
  4. Compress hookah charcoal
  5. Hookah coals drying
  6. Charcoal packaging

We suggest a carbonization furnace with a hoisting mechanism. It is inexpensive, and its setup and operation are straightforward. Vertical loading, in particular, is ideal for wood chips, coconut shells, and other similar materials.

What sort of binder is suitable for shisha charcoal?

Carbon powder lacks fluidity and must be produced by applying a binder. We do not advocate chemical agents to hookah charcoal binders since they emit toxic fumes when burned. Corn starch, tapioca starch, potato starch, and other starches are commonly utilized. Based on the prices of various starches in your location, you can select the most affordable starch for the binder. When utilizing starch as a binder, keep in mind that it needs to be gelatinized before being combined with charcoal powder. 3-5 kilograms of gelatinized starch can be included for every 100 kg of charcoal powder.

Based on the Form of The Hookah Coals, Select the Appropriate Shisha Charcoal Machine

  • The mechanical press machine of shisha charcoal is used to make oblate and cube shisha charcoals.
  • A charcoal extrusion machine used to make finger coals as well as cube hookah coals. A charcoal extruder mechanism is a screw-type shaping equipment that uses charcoal dust to make rod briquettes. It may also be used to crush or pressing coal as well as semi-coke powder.

Machine for Packing Shisha Charcoal

Package is not simply the last but also a vital phase in the creation of shisha charcoal. The hookah coals supplied on the market come in attractive packaging. Packing these little cubes or even circle hookah coals is not an easy task for the staff. The hookah coals packaging machine will relieve the staff of this laborious operation.

The Use of Hookah Charcoal

There are several brands, types, and kinds of hookah charcoal accessible through the market nowadays, and with so many possibilities, it can be difficult to know which one would work best for you. Hookah charcoal’s primary function is to provide the heat required for heating your shisha tobacco and generate smoke. Once the charcoals are lighted, they are put on top of the foil of your hookah cup or in the heat management device, and the heat they create cooks the shisha tobacco, resulting in those lovely, sweet clouds.

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