How many charcoal briquettes to use

How many charcoal briquettes to use – Charcoal briquettes are a form of renewable energy that has begun to be developed as a substitute for fuel that is considering optimal enough to maintain the flame. It themselves are one of the energy sources that can be obtaine from biomass. Which is use to alternative energy to replace petroleum energy and other energy which generally comes from fossils. 

It is a form of renewable energy from biomass derived from plants or plants that are currently very widely available in the environment. Then how many charcoal to use for the survival of human life? To find out more about the answer, you can see more below.

How Many Charcoal Briquettes to Use and how to use them

If you are wondering or are each confuse how many charcoal can be use? the answer is yes or no because the charcoal used for grilling is not safe for consumption. But there is a type of charcoal that can be safely consumed. That is, briquette charcoal, which is made of non-toxic materials.

It is contain burning carbon-rich materials such as wood, coconut shells, or peat. At very high temperatures to make black powder. The powder is then “activated”, creating a highly porous substance that can absorb (or attach) to drugs and toxins. Preventing them from entering your digestive tract.

Because charcoal briquettes only pass by in the body, not absorbed by the body, This type of charcoal is sometimes in the hospital to treat patients who have ingested toxic substances. In addition, many companies claim that consuming this product in daily food and drinks can help remove toxins from the body every day (detox). Unfortunately there is still little research to support the claim.

Then How to Use for Human Survival?

You can use It as a substitute energy from petroleum energy. In addition, the sustainable use of charcoal briquettes is also able to reduce agricultural waste and forestry waste which is indirectly able to increase the income of the agricultural. And forestry industries whose waste can be recycling into charcoal briquettes.

The utilization of this product provides greater advantages than the use of some other earth energy. Adan (1998) explain that the advantage of using charcoal briquettes is that the cost of obtaining charcoal briquettes is cheaper than oil or wood charcoal. The burning mass of charcoal briquettes is longer, their use is safer, they are easy to store and move. And the insertion or addition of briquettes does not need to repeat. 

After all, the advantages of using this product is from the packaging. Especially attractive packaging, which is able to provide a higher economic value when compared to wood charcoal. The heat produced is higher, has no smell, has a natural and fresh aroma, the briquettes produced are more durable and clean


As said at the beginning, this product actually not a foreign material anymore. So make sure to choose a healthy type of charcoal. And not just any charcoal for example like this briquette charcoal. Consuming coffee with charcoal contain obscure charcoal, you should consume briquette charcoal that packaged hygienically.

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