the coconut charcoal

The Coconut charcoal is a kind of charcoal that is made from the coconut shell. It must be the old ones and don’t have any fibers. There are several ways of burning processes that are done such as in a drum, in an earthen pit or digging in cement or cooking using a furnace. Meanwhile, if from the way of extinguishing, there are only 2 ways that farmers usually do.

These are extinguishing in a vacuum or the usual term is empty death. Another one is extinguishing by watering with water. Briquette coconut charcoal is a type that you may find in the market. Before using this item, make sure to know the details below. 

What is the Briquette Charcoal 

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Price

Charcoal Briquette is one type made using ready-made charcoal raw materials. These can be charcoal or coconut shell which is crushed into powder. Then these are molded into briquettes. The production process that occurs in making this product is as follows.

  1. Screening and Sorting Process 

Coconut charcoal that will be used as raw material is sorted and screened first. The aim is to separate waste or dirt that is still mixed in the sack to produce pure item that is ready to be processed into powder.

  1. Crushed the Materials 

Then they are crushed into powder using an ordinary siege machine. That machine is using a disk mill or ball crusher. The powder form is then mixed with tapioca a maximum of 3% of the weight of the charcoal raw material. This uses a mixer machine until all ingredients are stirred perfectly flat. After all the ingredients are stirred perfectly, then add a little water.

  1. Mold the dough

After the ingredients come out of the molding and blending process, the coconut charcoal dough is ready to be molded using extrude molds according to production needs. The printed briquette is then processed by drying or aerating to slightly reduce the moisture content before entering the drying oven. After reaching a certain dryness, it is put into the oven. That is for reaching the maximum dryness at moisture content up to 6% for approximately 20 hours. After drying, the briquette charcoal is ready for packing as needed.

Making Coconut Charcoal Briquette with a Hydrolic Machine

The above process is the production process using a manual extrude screw machine. Meanwhile, the process is a bit different is a factory is using the Hydraulic machine. The first and second steps are actually the same with the process above. Then after all the ingredients are stirred perfectly, add a little water to make the dough knead.

It is ready to be molded using hydraulics according to the needs of the shape and size of the product. This printed coconut charcoal is then processed by drying or aerating. After getting the right dryness, the briquette product is put into the oven. It is essential to achieve maximum dryness at moisture content up to 6% for approximately 20 hours.

Then they are ready to be packed. The final products are sold widely in the market and you can even purchase the coconut charcoal from the online platforms such as e-commerce, etc. 

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