How to Choose Charcoal

How to Choose Charcoal for Shisha Quality – The selection of best charcoal is very influential for shisha. So, we can say that charcoal is a determinant of the quality of shisha. To get charcoal for shisha quality, then you have to be really careful.

There are many things you need to consider when choosing charcoal for shisha. So, do not be rash. Do not just follow what people say. But you should also pay close attention to your needs. Of course, everyone’s use of shisha is different. 

Shisha Popular Countries 

There are so many countries of the world that use shisha. However, there are some countries where people use shisha more than other countries. In Indonesia, there may also be many who use shisha. However, in the following countries shisha is even more popular. Some of these countries, including:

  1. Middle East, India and Parts of Africa 

In these countries, shisha is really very popular. Even most smokers in these countries use shisha cigarettes. Especially in the Middle East, shisha is very common. Even hundreds of years have known shisha. 

  1. Pakistan  

In Pakistan the use of shisha is also very common. Many children (between 14-16 years old) have ever smoked even if only once. This is of course because it follows the habits of parents who use shisha a lot. So, you will easily find shisha users in Pakistan. 

  1. America  

5 – 17% of American teenagers already use shisha in their daily lifes. In addition, as many as 10 – 20% of students at American universities have also used shisha. Not infrequently who switch to shisha from the use of tobacco cigarettes. 

  1. UK

Did you know, licensed shisha cafes are also becoming more common. Until now there are dozens of shisha cafes that can be visited by people. Whereas a few years earlier there were only 1 shisha cafe and they were very rare in the UK. Now, it’s completely different. 

How to Choose Charcoal for Shisha Quality 

With good charcoal, of course you can smoke shisha well too. Actually, there are two easy ways you can do to determine the quality of charcoal for shisha. Two easy ways to choose quality shisha charcoal, including: 

  1. Doing Burn Test 

The first way you can do to test the best charcoal for shisha quality is to do a burn test. You can put the charcoal on the stove or iron plate and burn it. Pay attentio to the smoke created in the combustion process and the splash of other materials. After the charcoal becomes coals, you can turn off the stove.

  1. Calculate The Amount of Depreciation of Goods After Burning 

After you turn off the stove, you can immediately do the calculations. Factors that affect the shrinkage of charcoal usually include moisture content, dust and so on. So, check carefully first what percentage of the charcoal shrinkage. 

Now you certainly know how to choose charcoal for shisha quality. If you are confused about where to get the best charcoal, then you should contact us immediately. We are already to provide shisha charcoal according to your needs. Just trust and call us right now  whatsApp +628-1212-333-590 (Maria)