coconut charcoal factory

The quality of coconut charcoal is also close to how the coconut charcoal factory works. If they can develop a good product, then they know the right way of production. There are several specific specifications to determine the best effect according to standards. Some people need help finding the right factory and supplier of coconut charcoal. Constant quality supply of coconut charcoal is an important notice and must deal with several things. Laboratory testing is also one of the most critical ways to determine the best.

Know that professional charcoal suppliers and factories know how good quality charcoal is. If there is an unexpected change in terms of quality, then the product should not be exported. This signifies a trusted and reliable factory that can deliver the best quality. We will answer questions about how to choose the actual factory and what should be paid attention to below. Each factory has its way of working, but for production standards, this is an obligation that must be met, and there are no excuses for that.

What to Look for in the Best Coconut Charcoal Factory

In general, the easiest way to see whether the selected factory is good is by checking the equipment. Coconut charcoal is good and has stable quality, one that uses an automated machine and has modern facilities. The most important machine is the charcoal oven, a long and complicated process because it takes up to 36 hours of drying and 8-12 hours of cooling down. This charcoal oven machine should be 3 by 3 meters to provide even heat. 

Remember, charcoal cleaning must also be used to clean coconut shells from dust and other particles. Charcoal grinding is also essential for coconut charcoal factory, namely for mesh sizes. After the grinding process, the charcoal will enter the charcoal mixer, which should not rust inside. This is followed by going through the process in charcoal extruders, usually equipped with cooling fans to keep the temperature down.

The finalization process carried out by the coconut charcoal factory is charcoal cutting, charcoal trays, and packing. Then, remember that the client must also see their charcoal laboratory and shell storage space, ensure they are well organized and have the appropriate work standards.

How the Production from Reliable Coconut Charcoal Factory is Better

Production from a good and reliable factory is better than choosing a random one. If you see good quality charcoal and it is produced using modern equipment, it is usually free from smell and taste, from cracks and sparks, and burns long and starts fast. You can also see the ash content to see the excellent quality of it. Less ash is better and choose a range with the proper moisture to get significantly different results every time. Indeed, some of the coconut charcoal factory used to export standards will set higher prices, but this is better for maximum usage.

Charcoal has become a popular product because of its varied uses. Usually, good charcoal is made from 100% coconut shells only. Therefore, if you are going to do the installation from a coconut charcoal factory, it’s better if you know the process and how the factory works.

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