Coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha

Are you looking for the best coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha? Enjoying a hookah session might be difficult if you are not using the right charcoal for the job. The best charcoals for a hookah session should be hard enough, easy to ignite, dense, and burn longer.

One of the best types of charcoal that have all of the qualities that we have mentioned above is coconut charcoal. Coconut charcoal can easily satisfy every requirement of great charcoal for hookah. That is why most hookah smokers prefer to use coconut charcoal compared to any other type of charcoal.

But before you decide to use coconut charcoal, you should know some of the things you need to look for in great charcoal for hookah. You need to know the qualities of great charcoal for hookah. Luckily for you, we are going to tell you how to choose the best coconut charcoal for your smoking sessions.

Hard Coconut Charcoal

The first thing you need to consider is the hardness of the coconut charcoal. You need to make sure that the coconut charcoal is hard enough not to get broken when you are holding it with a tong. Hard coconut charcoal will also help you clean the ashes better.

You can check the hardness of the coconut charcoal by testing it. You can test it by putting the charcoal on a hard surface before putting your heel on top of it. If the charcoal crumbles, it is not hard enough. And that is how to know if the hardness of the coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha is adequate.

Dense Coconut Charcoal

The next thing you need to check is the density of the coconut charcoal. Coconut charcoal has a higher density in general. It is also generally heavier than any other type of charcoal you can find out there. However, the denser and heavier the coconut charcoal is, the better it will be for your hookah session.

When you are buying charcoal, you might want to do a water test. You can do this to determine whether or not the charcoal is made out of coconut shells. All you need to do is to sink the charcoal in a glass of water. Since coconut charcoal has a high specific gravity, it will sink into the water. If the charcoal floats, you can safely say that it is not coconut charcoal.

Long Ignition Time

You can quickly light a regular quick light charcoal. However, it is only because this type of charcoal contains many unsafe ingredients and additives. With coconut charcoal, you will spend around 7 to 10 minutes igniting it over a stove. However, this longer ignition time is because the charcoal is made out of natural ingredients, which are better for your health.


Coconut charcoal is the perfect type of charcoal you can use for shisha. The best coconut charcoal has great hardness, density, and longer ignition type. That is what you need to look for in the best coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha.

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