How to Make Charcoal

How to make charcoal briquette? There are many tropical countries holy with abundant coconut trees. The coconut tree itself has many benefits and uses, both from the tree to the fruit itself. Although now many people have managed coconut trees. There are some potentials of coconut that have not been optimally and properly us. Especially in the utilization of their waste. Using coconut solid waste is to use it as an alternative fuel. We make one form of utilization into charcoal briquettes. A briquette is a block of material that is the fuel to start and maintain a long-lasting fire. Coconut charcoal briquettes can be an alternative energy in the household. By utilizing coconut rice into charcoal briquettes. It can reduce agricultural waste, increase farmers’ income and reduce family spending to buy fuel.

How to make charcoal briquette? Charcoal is a solid residue which is the residue from the carbonization process of carbonaceous materials under controlled conditions in a closed room such as a charcoal kitchen. Charcoal is a porous solid containing 85 – 95% carbon, produced from carbon-containing materials by heating at high temperatures. When heating takes place, we make efforts to prevent air leakage in the heating process so that the carbon-containing material is only carbonize and not oxidized. The raw materials for charcoal are various such as wood, coconut shells, palm shells, and empty fruit bunches of oil palm. Charcoal is better than firewood because the calorific value and density of charcoal are higher than firewood. We can store charcoal for a long time, compact and lightweight. In Indonesia until now charcoal is still widely use, especially for cooking.

How to Make Charcoal Briquette? Here are Some Easy Steps.

How to make charcoal briquette by using coconut shells? Learn how to do that in some easy steps. First, you will need some tools and materials such as coconut shell, starch, water, and pipe. The first thing you need to do is by understanding that sawdust. Next is coconut manual cooking makes into charcoal shells or burning. Next step is shifting for faster and more efficient briquette making, you can use a coconut charcoal briquette machine if you have it. They carry shifting out to produce soft and smooth sawdust and coconut shells. Sawdust charcoal and coconut shell charcoal were sieved through a 50 mesh pass size sieve and coconut shell charcoal was sieved with 70 mesh size.

The next step is media mixing. Sawdust charcoal, coconut shell charcoal and starch glue (a mixture of starch and water). are mixed with a ratio of 10% sawdust and 90% coconut shell charcoal. At the time of mixing added with starch glue as much as 2.5% of the entire mixture of sawdust charcoal and coconut shell. How to make charcoal briquette? The key to have charcoal briquette with high quality is the mixture. After the ingredients are mixed evenly, they are then put into a briquette mold and compressed. Dry in the sun until completely dry. When its completely dry, the new bracket can be use.  Click our website Indonesiacoconutcharcoal or contact us via WhatsApp (Maria Arumingtyas)  or email: for more information.