How to make coconut charcoal

How to make coconut charcoal – The use of coconut trees is widely found around us. Starting from leaves, stems, stems, fruits, etc. Various studies have succeeded in proving the efficacy of parts of the coconut tree. However, there is still a part of the coconut tree that needs to be researched and developed for its benefits, namely coconut charcoal. 

Coconut charcoal is also very useful as an alternative energy for combustion. how to make it is fairly easy. Processed coconut c can produce very valuable added value. It has great potential and is practical in its use. Currently, the focus of attention and the biggest use of it is as an energy store.

How to make it and Its Ingredients

Coconut charcoal Manufacturing Materials:

  • Coconut shell charcoal
  • Starch Flour
  • Water


  • Charcoal powder machine / diskmill
  • Briquette printer
  • Dough kneading machine
  • Oven briquettes

How to make Coconut Charcoal

  1. Authoring Process

Coconut charcoalare made with manual using barrels then burned and closed until there is only a little ventilation on the barrels. It can also use the pyrolysis process, where the charcoalare put into a closed pyrolysis tank and then condensed as soon as possible to obtain liquid smoke.

  1. Siege Process

The charcoal that has been produced through a manual combustion system or using a pyrolysis process is then crushed using the help of a diskmill machine.

  1. Filtering Process

If you have gone through the charcoal crushing process, then the sifting container can produce it with a softer and smoother size. It is sift using a 50 mesh filter.

  1. Media Mixing Process

This flour is then mix with water and starch glue. You can add 2.5% starch glue from its flour during this stirring process.

  1. Printing Process

If all the materialsis mix well, then carry out the printing process using print.

  1. Drying Process

Dry the molded it using an oven at a temperature of 650 oC for approximately 2 hours, this drying can use the help of sunlight. It is ready to package and fulfill the market needs. Making it is quite and simple.

You can try how to make it from this coconut shell material. You can also use a briquettes machine or a briquettes maker. It will simplify the cooking process. The cooking results are also satisfactory by producing a good taste of food that is beneficial for both housewives, food stalls, restaurants and industrial users.


That’s the process of how to make coconut charcoal and Its Ingredients that you can try yourself at home using natural ingredients that you can find around you. The way to make it easier to make activated charcoal is, that is, when the charcoal turns cold, before being given a calcium chloride solution, you should crush the charcoal first until it is completely smooth. Hope it is useful.

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