A coconut briquette shell is one business idea that takes benefits of waste. Coconut shell briquettes a high economic value. Coupled with the increasing popularity of the product, coconut shell briquettes become one of the promising businesses. Do not be worried about the production because it is not that difficult to turn coconut shells into briquettes.

It only requires a burning process with the right technique to produce high-quality coconut shell briquettes. With an easy process, cheap and easy to find materials, as well as promising profits, you should consider starting this coconut briquette business. Here is about the business opportunity of coconut shell briquettes.

Production Coconut Briquette Shell

As it is previously said before, in order to produce high-quality coconut shell briquettes, it highly depends on the production process. The right temperature setting and the duration of the burning process will determine the quality of the coconut briquettes. If the production process is done right, coconut shell briquettes will have great durability.

For your information, durability is one of the greatest benefits of coconut shell briquettes. This kind of briquette lasts longer than wood briquettes. So, if the making process is not perfect, coconut shell briquettes will quickly run out, just like common wood briquettes.


If you have finished the production process well, the next task is marketing and distributing the coconut briquette shell. At this stage, it is important for you to make a plan. Where will you market your product? Will you sell it directly to customers or distributors? Or are you going to export it? As you can see, it is essential to know your target market to help you with the plan.

And each target market requires different marketing strategies. For example, if you want to sell your coconut shell briquettes to distributors, you need to make sure that the distributors are professional and have a good reputation.

Promotion Coconut Briquette Shell

Running a coconut briquettes business does not stop at distribution. Even though you already have loyal customers, it is still necessary for you to promote your business. If you want to expand and develop your business, doing a promotion is a must. You should not skip any marketing activities as they play an important role in developing and expanding your business.

If you are a newbie in this coconut briquette business, you can make a proposal and present it to companies or other places like restaurants that need coconut shell briquettes. Also, in this digital era, you must not doubt the power of social media. Make sure you also promote your business and product on various social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and others.


Coconut shell briquettes have market prices, meaning that nearly everyone knows about these price ranges. Therefore, do not even think about ‘playing’ with the price. Make sure you sell your coconut briquette product based on the market prices. If you think that the calculation between the production process and turnover is still far from profitable, you can lower the price to attract new customers.

Are you interested in the coconut briquette shell business?