How to Use a Hookah with Charcoal for Beginners

How to use a hookah with charcoalHow to Use a Hookah with Charcoal For beginners, setting up and using a hookah for the first time is quite a challenging task. In the first few tries, you may find it hard to get a balance between getting enough smoke and overheating the hookah. To minimize this challenge, check the steps of how to use a hookah with charcoal below.

Step 1 of How to Use a Hookah with Charcoal: Setting Up the Hookah

To get the best smoking session, you can follow these steps in assembling the hookah.

  • Clean the hookah after the smoking session in order to remove the smoking residue. It is easier to clean the residue immediately because it is more difficult to clean when it is dry. To clean it, you can use water and a hookah brush.
  • Fill the hookah base with enough water. It is recommended to submerge the downstem at 1 or 2 inches deep.
  • To keep the smoke less harsh or cool, you can add ice into the base.
  • Assemble the hookah shaft into the base and attach the hose on the shaft. Be sure that they are airtight.
  • Fill the shisha loosely in the bowl. Before putting the shisha in, break the shisha gently and remove any stems. Be sure that you form an even layer about 3 mm from the rim of the bowl.
  • Cover the hookah bowl with aluminum foil or reusable hookah bowl screen tightly. Make small holes on the aluminum foil using a needle. The number of holes depends on the amount of smoke you want to inhale. Less holes mean less smoke or heat.
  • Assemble the ashtray and the bowl tightly.

Step 2: Preparing the Charcoal – How to Use Hookah Charcoal Burner

After you assemble the hookah, the next step in how to use a hookah with charcoal is lighting the charcoal. For longer and safer smoking sessions, it is essential for you to use coconut charcoal briquette for shisha. How to use hookah charcoal burner to light the hookah charcoal.

  • Place two or three coconut coals on the coil burner of an electric stove.
  • Set the stove on maximum heat.
  • Leave the coals for 8 to 12 minutes. Or, heat one side of the coal for 5 minutes then flip them and heat the other side for two minutes.

Step 3: Adding the Charcoal and Smoking Shisha

The last step in how to use a hookah with charcoal is adding the charcoal and smoking the shisha. 

  • The lighted charcoal will have a reddish color at first and then it is gray.
  • Pick the gray colored coals using tongs and place them carefully on the bowl screen or aluminum foil. Arrange them near the rim and be sure that the center is not covered with the hot coals and the foil is not sagging.
  • Wait for 5 minutes before smoking the shisha.
  • Tap the charcoal on the ashtray periodically to remove the ash and avoid the ash contaminating the shisha.

If you follow the steps of how to use a hookah with charcoal you will likely have a better smoking experience. After several tries, you will likely be able to use hookah easily and find the balance that you like. If you need coconut hookah charcoal, you can or send a message to us here WhatsApp +628-1212-333-590 (Maria) or buy it at