how to use coconut charcoal

The fact that this coconut charcoal briquette can be used safely is one excellent reason. However, this does not mean that you should use this briquette carelessly. The manner in which the briquette is ignited is crucial to its safety. Then how to use coconut charcoal? In this article you will find information about it. 

Easy and Fast Way on How To Use Charcoal

It is undeniable that lighting charcoal requires extra skill and patience. So here are some tips on how to ignite charcoal briquettes 

Using a Stove Fire

Using regular matches to light charcoal briquettes might take some time. Take advantage of the stove’s fire at home, which is a simpler alternative. You can turn on the stove first, then picking up the charcoal with tongs (be sure to use gloves that resist heat or a cloth) and burning it over the stove’s fire. You can put the burned charcoal on the grill if the coals begin to appear. While fanning, mix the charcoal with the remaining charcoals to heat them up. 

Using Newspaper/Tissue

Another way to light charcoal briquettes is to use newsprint or dry tissue. First, arrange the charcoal on the grill. Then, turn on the fire and burn newspaper or tissue, place it on top of the charcoal briquettes that have been arranged earlier. Let the newsprint or tissue paper burn your charcoal briquettes. You can fan the charcoal to spread the flames over the other charcoal once the paper has burned out.

Using Cooking Oil 

You can add vegetable oil or used cooking oil to the charcoal or tissue you want to burn if the previous method is still difficult. Burn a tissue and place it on a grill with charcoal after wetting it with used cooking oil. Fan until the charcoal comes on. After that, you can use charcoal to cook the meat or other dishes.

Using Torches

Torch is a flamethrower that, at first glance, resembles a welding instrument. In order to make it simpler to caramelize food or cook with butane gas, most torches are typically mounted on a butane gas cylinder. Besides these applications, you can also light charcoal briquettes with a torch. The charcoal briquettes may quickly smolder under the torch’s constant heat. It’s not hard to light charcoal briquettes with a torch. Simply turn on the torch and then direct the fire toward the charcoal in the grill. The charcoal will undoubtedly ignite.

Advantages of Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

Below are some of the advantages of coconut shell charcoal briquettes:

∙         More economical because it is relatively cheap than other materials. 

∙         Does not have the risk of explosion as in kerosene stoves and gas stoves.

∙         Able to produce high and consistent heat so it is very good for burning that takes a long time. 

∙         It doesn’t make a lot of noise and doesn’t have soot that makes cooking utensils less prone to damage.

∙         Environmentally friendly and the combustion products are safe for health.

∙         Coconut shells, which are the main ingredients, are abundant and easy to find. So, that’s the information about how to use charcoal, and also the advantages of charcoal briquettes. Hope this information helps.

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