Charcoal hookah cube

What is the best charcoal for hookah? It is the Indonesian coconut charcoal hookah cube. Every year, Indonesian coconut charcoal manufacturers export tons of their coconut charcoal cubes to various countries around the world.

What Makes Indonesian Charcoal Hookah Cube the Best?

Below are some of the great qualities of this charcoal.

1.     Enhance Hookah Smoking Experience

Indonesian coconut hookah coals are popular for their ability to enhance the hookah smoking experience. Their lack of smoke, ash and sparks make hookah smoking sessions free of hassle.

Moreover, this type of hookah coal does not leave any after taste since it is tasteless. Therefore, it will not ruin the taste of the tobacco smoke. Indonesian hookah charcoal is also well known for its ability to burn longer than other coals. Its minimum burn time is 60 minutes.

2.     100% Natural

The charcoal hookah cube from Indonesia is 100% natural. Coconut powder made from coconut shell and other natural ingredients. Since it is natural, it will not give negative effects to the smokers, such as headache and respiratory infection.

3.     Eco-Friendly

Different from the traditional charcoal, Indonesian coconut hookah coals come from the byproduct of the agricultural industry. In Indonesia, coconut shells are considered as agricultural waste.

Therefore, people in this country try to make it more valuable by creating it into coconut charcoal cube. Consequently, this charcoal is a much better option than the traditional charcoal.

How to Make Indonesian Coconut Hookah Charcoal?

To create the best coconut hookah charcoal, manufacturers generally perform the process below.

  • Cleaning coconut shells from the husk and any coconut flesh that are left on the surface.
  • Drying the clean coconut shells.
  • Burning the coconut shells in a particular machine in order to get carbonized coconut shells.
  • Cooling the temperature of the carbonized coconut shells.
  • Grinding the carbonized coconut shells into powder.
  • Mixing the powder with natural binding ingredients.
  • Pressing the mixed ingredients into charcoal cubes.
  • Drying the coconut charcoal cubes.

Once the charcoal hookah cube is perfectly dry, the manufacturers will start the packaging process. Next, they will store the charcoal until it is time to send the charcoal to the buyer.

Where to Buy Charcoal Hookah Cubes?

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Our charcoal is perfectly dry and easy to ignite. Moreover, it has excellent density which makes it burn longer and does not crumble easily when you pick it up with the tongs.

We guarantee that our product is 100% safe and natural. It also leaves very little ash and almost have no smoke. Our coconut hookah charcoal is also available at an extra competitive price. Coconut charcoal hookah cube from Indonesia is the most recommended hookah coals. Your hookah session will surely feel more satisfying if you use this particular charcoal. To purchase it, please visit our website or click here for direct your message.