Is coconut activated charcoal better

Is coconut activated charcoal better – coconut activated charcoal has a function of nothing but an expert ingredient. The function of coconut activated charcoal is classified as an alternative. Usually the advantages of the coconut activated charcoal function can apply in industry, home industry, restaurants, even in households and others.

When compared to other materials, it has its own advantages and advantages that distinguish it from other charcoal. The advantages of coconut activated charcoal are that it is economical, economical and safe for the environment, Then is it better? The answer is that its better utilizes materials in the form of natural resources in its manufacture and is very environmentally friendly.

Is Coconut Activated charcoal better than Other Charcoal

  • Long Burning Time

It has a fairly long burning time can be 2 to 3 hours without stopping. With this advantage, it is a fuel that is classified as effective and efficient.

  • Maximum Heat

In addition, it has maximum heat, which is quite high heat up to 7000 cal. Through this, the function of it has advantages in the cooking process so that it cooks faster perfectly.

  • There No Smoke

It is also not smoking. This is the advantage of it as an environmentally friendly alternative energy source as explained in the third point.

  • Non-Toxic

The next advantage of it is that it is not toxic. Especially in its manufacture undergoing a natural process with the additional ingredient of tapioca flour derived from cassava as an adhesive material for its dough. Therefore, it is a safe and non-toxic material.

  • Absorbing a Lot of Labor

It is a place of considerable absorption of labor both in its factories, distributors, furnace industries, and charcoal machines etc.

What are the advantages?

Coconut shells, which are raw materials for it, people use it as raw materials that transform into charcoal. It can still be reprocessed into innovative products that are value-added.

Then, what are the advantages of it with other charcoal in general? It is an alternative fuel that is can use for cooking, especially for baking food ingredients. 

In Asia, people use it as a fuel for cooking because it is safer. And also environmentally friendly and does not emit much smoke. Another most important thing about this coconut activated charcoal is the stable and durable fire condition. Making it for cooking purposes in restaurants such as barbeque, fish manggang and so on.


Well, it’s no wonder that it has become more preferable than other charcoal in general. In Asian, European and American countries, it is the main fuel for cooking in various restaurants. This is also an opportunity for the local market to export coconut activated charcoal. Therefore its availability is quite abundant in tropical countries that have millions of coco trees spread across various regions.

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