Have you seen that coconut shells are often thrown away in traditional markets? Whereas, coconut shells can be used as raw materials to be processed into something that has a high selling value. And becomes a superior export product, namely coconut charcoal. It is an alternative fuel that is often used for cooking, especially for grilling. Although it is one of the leading export products, is coconut charcoal better than regular charcoal?

The Benefits

According to multiple media sources, coconut charcoal has several benefits besides for grilling food, but it produces far less ash than regular charcoal. Activated charcoal made from coconut shells heated to high temperatures produces charcoal powder. Activated charcoal powder can be packaged as an additional ingredient in a variety of personal care products, such as toothpaste and face masks, in the form of dietary supplements considered to be good for health. There are many other advantages of it, one of them is as anti-venom (the snake’s). The effect of it, which has undergone the process of heating with gas, is very effective. As an antidote for animals such as snakes, spiders, and bees. It can be used in the form of activated charcoal or as charcoal in the form of regular charcoal.

Another benefit of it can also be used as an anti-toxin. It is a very effective poison absorber. But it would be much better if you use charcoal that has become activated carbon. Apart from being much more effective, activated carbon is much safer because it has gone through a process that allows one form of this charcoal to be safe for your body.

It can also be used as a base ingredient in mosquito coils, as activated charcoal in water filtration processes, to repel termites, and as a flavoring in food that is burned because it still contains elements of coconut oil and others. South Korea and Japan use coconut shell charcoal in the technology of making warm mattresses. That’s why coconut charcoal businessmen call it “black gold.”

Coconut Charcoal VS Traditional Charcoal

You need to know that charcoal has many kinds of, depending on the origin of the material used. Of all the various types of charcoal, is coconut charcoal better than that? Usually, we use it in the form of wood, but charcoal from this material is often considered to have disadvantages compared to it, for example, it lies in the ash it produces. The ash produced by it is small and the flame is long-lasting. This will save time and won’t bother us because we have to worry about food being exposed to ash dust. Then smoke, the smoke produced is not as much as wood charcoal, and most importantly, it doesn’t burn and burn food easily.

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