is coconut charcoal good for bbq

Is coconut charcoal good for BBQ? This question may come to your mind. Many people consider using this material since it is much better compared to any other combustible material.

In this post, you will know the reasons why it is good for grilling purposes. Therefore, just stay here for a few minutes to read this important information. 

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Price

Is Coconut Charcoal Good for BBQ? 

The coconut shell is the material that is used to make coconut shell charcoal briquettes, it Is a by-product of the coconut industry. No trees are cut or felled to make this product that why this product is better and more sustainable compared to regular wood charcoal.

  1. Smokeless

Is coconut charcoal good for BBQ? The first reason is that this product is smokeless compared to traditional firewood. When you BBQ, you will not see any carbon coming out. 

So, we can be free from the smell of smoke that is usually left behind after a BBQ party. This is an advantage because people will feel more convenient during the party.

  1. Less ash

The moment when the BBQ is lit can be at a family gathering. The ashes will be everywhere. However, if you use this type of charcoal, it can reduce the amount of ash residues to only 0-5% of the total charcoal we use.

  1. Unmanned and stable heat

This material is capable to provide stable heat for a long-burning session without you needing to supervise it. You will see that it can work properly. No matter for overnight or an hour-long burning, it can produce between 100 to 250 degrees Celsius.

  1. Cheap 

Is coconut charcoal good for BBQ? Due to it coming from waste, the price is cheaper than other products. The raw material used is coconut shells which is something most people just throw it away.

Hence, other combustible materials such as firewood will cost more than this product. That is why it has a cheaper price compared to the others.

Other Reasons Why Coconut Charcoal is Good for BBQ

The food industry chooses this product due to its pleasant aromas when used for grilling and preparing traditional foods. People also buy activated charcoal for cooking purposes at their houses.

  1. Sustainable

Is coconut charcoal good for BBQ? It is 100% sustainable to use this product. It produces zero carbon which will be something dangerous for the earth’s atmosphere. 

Furthermore, less ash means there will not be a threat to our respiratory system since we do not breathe them. This means that it will not harm our health.

  1. A better taste

Well, the only way to prove this is by doing testimonies. Many said that the BBQ will have a better taste by using coconut charcoal than using burning wood. Even some claim that this product is similar to quality restaurant grade. 

This is logical of the ashless and smokeless fact. So, the taste will not be bitter due to it produces stable heat. So it may be considered that there is no better material than this charcoal.

So, once you know the answer to is coconut charcoal good for BBQ? Let’s have a BBQ party with a delicious taste for our beloved family.

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